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  1. A mix of passion and lyrical skills,
    False spoken threats, and lyrics that kill

    Mind states coincide where emotions of love die
    And meaning for existence and nothingness collides

    Broke hearts found in those that no longer cry
    A false feeling of content in those who no longer try

    A single mom, a hustler, or a kid on his grind
    A small room of broke poets just speaking their mind

    They rhyme dope like kilos, quarters, nickels, and dimes
    Addiction ridden listeners fed in endless supply

    A child’s heart beat replaced with the thump of a base
    A blank album cover held up to cover their face

    See music is more than the sex, glamour, and how many sold
    It’s plastics that stayed hidden because they never went gold

    A swag surf, or a dance song never got me through nights
    A requisition of lacked love filled when you dim down the lights

    It’s the ballad of couple dads beating on lunch tables
    About how their family makes them smile, but support them they’re not able

    Amidst worries of future and regrets of the past
    Time faded to the thought of that which can no longer last

    We flow in a low state and use pain as a booster
    Then write all night until we’re waking the rooster

    Too hard to go on—too far to go back
    A thousand mile journey with some tattered clothes and a soundtrack

    It’s just rap.
  2. The heaven's cried on this day.
    "It's time to go."

    "Father, don't say that. I can't leave. I'm not ready..."

    Everyone's got their depictions on God and the origins, purpose and history of Jesus so I figured I might as well have my own. No, it's not written in a book and no, I'm not telling you that it's true. I'm just saying what if. And perhaps, this is sacrilegious and offensive to Christians, Jews, Muslims and the like, and if so, I ask for forgiveness. And if you not will not permit me such a thing, I will still have written these sentences.

    Call this a short story for that's all that it is--an idea.

    "Look at him Father. He's so lonely and he doesn't even know it. Wouldn't it be wonderful to show him the touch of a woman. The love for another being so akin and yet so different to him?"

    "Look at them Father so happy amidst the garden and yet. The two of us know this not to be true happiness. After all, they don't know sadness. This is ignorance. The most atrocious of sins and yet the one no one can help. For without knowledge of there being, how can one pursue that which lies beyond being itself? We must remove him from this facade. We must give him choice."

    "I have a solution..."

    "Look at them Father. Look at what happened. No one smiles on this day. Not even our fallen brother."

    "He made a choice Son. He paid for it's consequences. There is no shame in that. You reach toward the fire and you get burned. The wise man learn to never reach again."

    "But what of the foolish?"

    "They keep reaching."

    "Look at them Father. Their actions, their choices and their ideas. They're all so twisted and demented. Some seek your love, some inner peace and others the mere pleasures of life. They want this with all their soul and yet cannot achieve it. Distracted, repressed and depressed by meaningless stress and goals that think logical. Hitting and reaching goals set so low and then calling them their best. Something has to be done..."

    "Look at them Father. What have we done? No one smiles. The Heaven's are crying. Hell is crying."

    "We all are crying."

    "Look at them Father. A second chance to make things right and this time We won't interfere. Never again shall We destroy. Never..."

    "Look at them Father. They were once great. Once a proud people, but now... They've believed to outgrown their skin. They think they're bigger than they really are. Afflicted to believe they know too much. When really, they know too little. What can we do? Something Father, anything!"

    "I'm leaving."


    "Choice Father, choice."

    "Once You do this, You can never come back."

    "I know father... I know."

    The Heaven's wept on this day.

    "Look at him. So brave, so foolish. That which has been made imperfect, can never be perfect again for perfection is something they cannot understand. They won't accept it, but if imperfection is something We were aware of and something We loathed... Then why did they send Me here? What was to be gained?"

    "Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do."

    "My son... Even in the beginning, they never did..."

    "Where am I?"


    "How long will I be here? Say something!"

    "As long as you need be."




    "I've returned father."

    The Heaven's wept on this night.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Weep now son for the end has begun. For you have transcended perfection, and brought into heaven...sin."

    Two nights more the Heaven's wept.

    "Do You have time?"

    "Can I own nothing?"

    They laughed.

    "Why father? Why did you give them hope? What if I..."

    "Without it they're doomed. Without purpose We all are. However, with one they will dare to try. They will dare to pursue."

    "They will dare to reach. What is wrong with you?!"


    "That agressive look in your eyes son. It was not here time ago."

    The heavens wept three nights more.

    "Father... look at them..."

    Heavens wept.

    "It's time to go."

    "Father, don't say that. I can't leave. I'm not ready..."

    "Choice, my son--choice."

    "Where am I going?"


    The heaven's wept on this day.​
  3. Loop the hook and turn down the base.
    Never remove the head phones. Never leave this place.

    Caught lost between incoherent lyrics and an instrumental
    Is a safe haven and heaven that I’ve been sent two

    Emotions strong, imagination clear as I violently smash problems thrown in beers
    A triumph’s folly when I realize none of it is really here.

    The images were. These feeling are. They’re really fervent in my soul.
    These dreams feel like life. A life that I cannot hold

    Stay in bed, close your eyes; wisp away to that reality
    But what is life? What is a red apple without a man or tree?

    Turn off the lights. This has become a nightmare
    Close my eyes and everything I wanted is right there.

    Losing my mind, but somehow restored to freedom.
    Why even get to know self if I really don’t have to be him?

    Hold me back as lust and love ever so intricately conflict
    Send me forward I’m far from the forgotten boy and quiet kid

    Found along this road along this path no one, but the dreamer may see.
    Within these walls and in this mirror the person I dare not be

    Cut off the lights. Kill the sound. Call it right or call it wrong.
    The show... will... go on.

  4. Don't speak. Don't say a damn word. Lock your youthful eyes with mine and never look away. I'm about to show you the world. Beyond these winter frosted trees, slumped by frozen tears and years of wear and struggle IS. Beyond this tinsel town filled with people just like you and me. People JUST LIKE you and me searching for their place in this world IS.

    There's so much.

    Close your eyes now.

    You can see it. Your imagination and wonder permits you too. See the trees. See the birds. Feel the chilly breeze as it caresses your skin with that lustful scent of the ocean over those mountains and beyond this forest.

    Fall in love again.​

    Don't say a word.

    Sit down and simply wait. Close your eyes, sit down, relax, and wait and let the world unfold itself before you. Fall in love again. Chase those city lights and relive those adventures you had as a kid. Fall in love again, dammit. Feel those lofty feelings. Lust, gawk and stare in awe of the beautiful girl in this expansive scene. Remember what it felt like when it was good. Remember what it felt like when it was bad.

    Fall in love just one more time and never stop loving again. Acknowledge that fear inside of you and never stop trying.

    Fall, get up and fall again... and never stop dying.
  5. No one Saves the Loser

    I've been terrified my whole life.
    Of this black box from which my image emanates.

    An allusion of my mind; a foreshadow of my fate.
    I've felt all my life it was too late.

    But swore like if I ever went back it'd all change.
    I would learn from my mistakes. I wouldn't have dwelled in that pain.

    But back is not here and the future is not there.
    Stop telling me life's a bitch. I know it's not fair.

    But if we keep complaining beside this box we'll never move forward.
    There's a door beneath the shadows, but I'm scared to walk towards.

    I can't just close my eyes to this. I can't just charge through.
    I can't run away. I've come too far.

    I don't know what to do.

    But if I were me and you were you.
    And we actually took the time to walk in our own shoes.

    Then maybe, just maybe the answers would appear.
    Give up on regrets. Accept but fight the fear.

    Everything I needed was inside.
    Everything started again when I died.

    I walked through that door and never looked back.
    Walked shook steady, through the tempest black.

    And came out.

    But what was I scared for?
    Someone tell me what was I scared for.