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  1. Ch.3 The Slight Calm Before The Storm

    Lexi quietly prepared for this morning’s classes, gathering her books and slowly stacking them. The damp towel that was once wrapped around her full breasts, covering her freshly showered body, fell to the hardwood floor beneath her. She sighed and bent down to pick it up. Grabbing the fluffy cotton cloth in her hand, Lexi flung it over her shoulder, groaning as a chilly morning breeze blew through her open window.

    The desk light clicked on and Lexi reached for her eyeliner. Its hard plastic handle met her hand and she smiled. Grabbing the Urban decay liquid eyeliner, her favorite of the kind, she slid the thin brush across her skin, quickly tracing her electric blue eyes. Once again she smiled, reminiscing of when she first purchased it.

    She wasn’t a rich girl, or a makeup fanatic, Lexi just loved the atmosphere of Sephora, cool and clean. Walking along the displays something g caught her eye. It looked like an inkwell bottle with a screw on brush. Her interest increased greatly when she realized it was liner.

    She gazed at the long list of color but did a double take after glossing over a particular color. “Perversion”. Thinking of her friends she let out a giggle and without hesitating picked up the bottle and strode over to the counter to purchase her wonderful new discovery.