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  1. Who was she to you?
    A lost little girl trapped in a womans body?
    A sentence on a page of a story you used to write?
    The face you see when you close your eyes?
    The invisible creases on your skin, tracing a path saying to the world:
    “I was once here.
    My fingers created rolling patterns,
    A soft brush against the warmth.
    A touch that would have stayed forever.
    Now a simple lingering memory.”?

    The one that you left behind?
    Living in a cage of fear,
    Surrounded by ‘what ifs’ that grew roots on your mind,
    Which blocked the path of your heart’s screams.
    You let her go.

    I hope the warmth from her soul,
    A fire that builds in her heart,
    Reaches you whilst you lie alone.
    I hope that you feel the tendrils of love and desire envelop you,
    Engulf you.
    Realise that you are no longer her roots,
    That you had someone willing to give you their whole,
    That would have moved worlds for you.

    But that is all a ‘what if’ now,
    Her boat has sailed,
    All you have is the lapping waves at the shore,
    And the sight of the horizon of which you know was her aim.
    No co ordinates left,
    Just the date that you untied her from your docks.
    You cut the knot that bound you together.

    One day she will find her destination,
    A port of which she will long to stay.
    She will tie her knot to a dock,
    And her fire will burn for another.

    A fire met by an equal blaze,
    Flames twisting together,
    A strange waltz.
    Ebbing and flowing like the waves that carried her there,
    Delighting in the heat of another,
    Their flames become one.

    She once longed to waltz with you,
    But what she could never see,
    Was the beauty that was waiting for her beyond the horizon that was you.