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  1. Ancestors

    Trudging through the tangled path,
    Thwarted, beaten, and pressing on-
    Once more perseverance hath
    The ages won.

    Never looking back nor seeking
    Comforts of familiar places-
    Ravaging wildness, wreaking
    Aging faces.

    Dauntless, following the need,
    Pulsing through their gritty marrow-
    Beyond tomorrow, cast slow-speed
    Flies the arrow.

    Morning ever dawns anew-
    Places, mortals, hours unfolding,
    Leave behind the smallest clue,
    Truth withholding.

    Peering back through chapters' prose,
    Victories found within the pages-
    Touted brazenly by those
    In modern ages.

    Whence come forth the haughty proud,
    We followers left in their wake?
    What deeds enveloped in fate's shroud,
    Their pride will make?



    I remember your skin
    smelled faintly of cucumber
    I inhale, and know
    I will have your innocence.

    Lips converge -
    Yours hesitant, mine coaxing,
    until our hunger blends
    on gliding, seeking tongues.

    My hand reaching for
    your solid need,
    straining against the barrier
    of your blue jeans.

    Fumbling, breathless,
    darkness envelopes heightened senses
    as skin disrobes,
    meeting sultry summer air.

    In total blackness
    I imagine your face,
    contorted in pleasure
    as my mouth works its' practiced magic.

    An invitation barely whispered -
    Unsure, you move closer,
    awaiting silent instruction -
    eager now, taut and urgent.

    Restraining lust
    to heed your newness,
    I guide you gently to me,
    cradling your body with my thighs.

    A stilted start,
    your motions smoothen
    to the rhythmic rocking
    of our coupling.

    'Teacher' and 'student'
    merge into one being,
    one breath, one need,
    pursuing the same end.

    Lost to the chase,
    gripping and tumbling,
    the murkiness of almost dawn
    reveals your face beneath me.

    Intent and awe
    blend on your brow,
    your grasping hands
    clutch at yielding breasts.

    Wanting you now
    to know the final secret,
    I work you towards
    the summit of your initiation.

    A sudden jagged
    intake of breath,
    a jerking spasm of heat, followed by
    your slow shy smile of wonder.

    In the creeping gray light of day
    I have shared your awakening,
    and neither of us
    emerge unchanged.


    Joyous Winter

    If you think winter time is nice
    Try not falling on the ice
    Happened to me last year twice
    That is, three times, to be precise

    I guess you are a fan of snow
    Then perhaps you didn't know
    Blowers almost never blow
    And shoveling is hard and slow

    Perhaps you like to sled and skate
    Frozen limbs will be your fate
    Anyway I can't sled straight
    The cold is what I really hate

    If winter's chill where you reside
    I'd suggest you stay inside
    Otherwise you'll slip and slide
    When you attempt to walk outside

    Oh joyous winter time is near
    Season that is so severe
    Horrid, raw and nasty here
    Most miserable of all the year

    I wish I could leave all this snow
    No more drifts I'd have to blow
    Wish I had the funds to go
    To sunny balmy Mexico

    © December 2009

    Katharine L. Sparrow
  2. Poems I have posted on this forum:
    (most recent edited versions)

    Aphorism (Finished Version)

    Time heals no wound,
    but turns the knife of pain,
    morphing into a dull ache,
    throbbing, relentless.

    The keening sense of loss,
    for a stinging creed
    of cynicism.

    Time rapes the soul,
    dragging sorrow to the edge
    of a rank and stagnant well
    of bitterness.

    And love
    becomes a twisting,
    endless pit of despair
    that time forgets.

    (September 2009)

    Pardoned (Finished Version)

    He really didn't mean it
    He didn't mean to chew
    He only meant to clean it,
    Make it sparkle shiny new!

    But it was oh so tempting
    While licking clean that shoe
    He really couldn't help it Dad,
    He didn't mean to chew!

    It felt so soft and squishy
    Between his needle teeth,
    That lovely chewy leather
    With a hard sole underneath

    I'm sure he's very sorry
    You can see it in his face -
    It looks so sad and sorrowful,
    He knows he's in disgrace

    So please don't be too harsh with him,
    He won't do that again
    I'll keep him out of trouble now,
    You know how good he's been!

    And Dad, I have to ask you,
    He really wants me to -
    Since that one there is ruined
    Could he have the other shoe?

    (September 2009)

    The Scent of Christmas (Finished Version)

    One of the loveliest scents of the year
    The piny smell of the evergreen tree
    Zesty and pungent says Christmas is near
    Festively added to hot potpourri
    Seasoned aromas of coffee and tea
    Yes Christmas is almost here!

    The wax of a candle, melty and hot
    Of bayberry, cinnamon, gingerbread
    Memories of Christmas we nearly forgot
    With sparkly snow and a shiny new sled
    Caroling, shopping and parties ahead
    There's a goose in every pot!

    Cookies are baking and applesauce cake
    Raisins, molasses and buttery spice
    Mother's old recipes, fragrant to bake
    Puddings and tarts, tasty treats to entice
    Savoring, blending and smelling so nice
    Such Christmas cheer we will make!

    Christmas fills houses with so many smells
    That hold joyful memories of long ago
    A story the essence of Christmas tells
    Recalling the fragrances we all know
    Forever will set festive hearts aglow
    Through many more sweet Noels!

    © December 2009

    Katharine L. Sparrow


    I'm sleeping in a cloud
    I'm dreaming love in shades of blue
    I'm breathing deep and slow
    I'm sleeping next to you

    There's safety in our sleep
    We're gently wrapped in velvet skies
    The darkness holds us close
    In dreams I see your eyes

    I know when I awake
    You'll be there in our sheltered nest
    Your warm familiar body
    Softly curled at rest

    I'll watch you as you sleep
    I'll know that I am blessed today
    And still I know too well
    That soon you'll go away

    In every moment now
    And even in my sleep I feel
    How lucky that I am
    To know a love that's real

    I'm sleeping in the dark
    I'm dreaming of the love I knew
    I'm reaching out my hand
    And I'm not finding you

    (December 2009)

    First and Last

    The universe granted me
    the privilege
    Of being the first to love him
    I cherished his emergence
    And nourished him with affection

    I watched as he matured
    Into manhood
    Naiveté replaced, in time,
    With worldliness

    The universe has granted him
    His own truest love
    And sent him on his way
    To share what he has learned

    Fate's hand must be obeyed
    In sorrow, I released him
    Grateful that he had, for a season,
    Belonged to me

    Since that day I have never sought
    To know the touch of man
    As fate once chose me as his first,
    So shall he prove to be my last?

    © December 2009