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  1. I really want to make you proud, make you smile and say
    Daughter, sister, friend, you’ve really made my day
    the only way to do this, is express my inner self
    bring out my thoughts, protect my precious health
    my emotions are crazy, I think way too much
    over analyze my precious heart I clutch,
    its up to me, to talk to you, make you really relate
    make you feel we share a mind as if this is really fate,
    My career has yet no beginning, only passion which burns
    so I shall carry on telling you my feelings and very fragile concerns
    I believe everyone is different, separate fires inside
    Some bottled up, some open which stretch extremely wide
    I appreciate your thoughts, like your listening to me
    I’ll always be here to listen, I really hope you see.
  2. Life is hard, times are tough
    Sometimes flowers just aren’t enough
    a rocky ship on a stormy sea
    Makes you feel uncertainty
    the secret of a pillow, the happiness of a smile
    takes the doubts of life away for a short little while
    Never feel alone, never feel locked
    but hug and love, you’ll be truly shocked
  3. Things happen, so take a chance
    learn to love, decrease and enhance
    Nature is beautiful, the sea is calm
    jump the cliff, it’ll do no harm
    walk the plank and smile too much
    be the one with a special touch
    because when things happen and life takes a blink
    it takes those special ones, to really make you think.
  4. Chloe is 10 years old; she loves her little teddy bear. The End. Now, You’re probably thinking ‘How on earth is that classed as a short story?’ Truth is, a short story is only as short as you make it. For example can you picture the teddy bear, is he brown or pink or even blue? Is he new or a tatty roughened bear? Is there any sentimental value? It’s all down to the power, imagination and creativity of your mind. But stop there now. I’m not about to bore you of an endless tale about a teddy bear.

    Instead, I’m going to set my scene in the market square of Covent Garden’s, London. Picture it, in your head, even if you may not have been there or seen or even have the faintest idea of what it does look like, it’s an ordinary market square with cute little dainty shops side by side full of the most bizarre unique gifts, each shop offering something different, the whole area, completely thriving with people, holiday makers, busy business men and women and even children playing ‘IT’ around the middle of the square.

    There are hungry pigeons, desperately pecking around and waddling from one person to the next trying to scavenge some scraps that had been dropped or thrown, meanwhile the sound’s of market stall owners take over the muffling of passer bys. “2 watermelons for £4.50!” shouted one of them. These deal’s sold like hot cakes.