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  1. - vulnerablility and confidence , such a thing line seperate these two thought of polar opposites . Percieved as worlds apart yet sometimes one in the same . Masked and over-shaddowed by one another in a desperate attempt of condolance and acceptance.

    -every choice was once a decision , whether it reckless or reliable . Trust in the unknown , whether it to prosper or desire . 'Cause those who refraim from risks are those who retire from life . No matter how solid or uncertian , to want doesn't always mean to gain .

    -every lie is someone's twisted concoction of the truth . A mask as such to hide and to cowar from one's self conflicts .

    -every dream is someone's idealistic reality . And yet every reality is someone's excuse to dream.

    -The concept of time is something that can easily be lost . Days can feel like an hour and yet an hour can feel as agonising as days apon days.