Once upon a time I was a child. I found my perfection the day I grew up. Do I consider myself truly grown up? No. But I have grown. Do I pretend I know the real me? No. But I have found my perfection, and wonder about the lies that bind. But my perfection is broken, and my lies are deceitful. Who am I?

You will probably never know.
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  1. Ocean waves; soft sweet sand
    Lapis lazuli of tender dreams
    Rock in thy arms for all to see
    this will always be my perfect eternity

    Take my hand and
    take my heart
    Steal my soul and
    steal my heart

    Ever so sweet
    Just a dream and
    I don't want to wake

    Take my heart
    Steal my soul
    Walk away
    and don't come back

    I never cared,
    I just want my broken perfection;
    Give it back!

    Take my heart
    I'll steal your soul
    Show me the way
    I'll be there for you

    Steal my heart
    Steal my mind
    I'll steal your heart
    I'll steal your mind

    Give me your hand and
    I'll give you mine;
    Let's commit the perfect crime
    I'll steal your heart, and you'll steal mine.
  2. Okay, okay, so I know the New Year is over. I meant to post yesterday, but I got sidetracked watching Weeds. (Show ish amusing.) Anywhoo, so I'm writing about it now.

    It was actually fun, surprisingly. I went over to my friends house and we went ice skating outside where it was freezing. I had to teach her how to stop again. And then we went back to her house and she made us really awesome nachos for dinner and we played Water Works "the Leaky Pipe Game". It is a card game, it does exist, it's highly amusing... And many leakage jokes were made. Lawl.

    And then I talked to my lovely boyfriend, who was in an awful mood from being dragged to a New Years Eve party he didn't want to go to, and it made me sad because he was being so emo. But I couldn't get him to cheer up. =(
  3. It's Christmas. A family time, the "holiday spirit". Does anyone know what that really means? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I'm a lonely child; I'm in pain--always. Only three things break this pain, and they're never available when I need a pick-me-up. The horses I work with, my friends, and my boyfriend--my perfect other half. Unfortunately for me, he lives on the other side of the country. I miss him--every damn day. We talk a lot, but I wish he was here with me. Talking to him makes me feel better, but we don't get to talk enough.

    My friends... Hah. Friends? I have three. Including him. Once upon a time I had more. And then someone I thought I could trust broke my heart. Why am I telling you this? Because I can. You don't know me--I don't care what you know about me.

    That woman broke my trust, broke my heart, and crushed me. I fight not to trust people, but sometimes I have to. My fourth friend... I miss him. I was told I couldn't talk to him again, though. I obeyed. Still, I miss him.

    The horses I ride--they are my life, my dream, my one true passion. Sadly, I cannot drive, and do not live close enough to get their any other way. So I can only visit them when my parents will drive me. Therefore, they cannot be there for me when I am in pain.

    I want school to start--once it does I will wish it hadn't. But it will be a distraction from this pain.

    Christmas... It always makes me lonely. Does it make you?