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  1. 500 people visited in the past 24 hours???? Come on now...what do they do on here exactly, because they certainly don't post lol! I WISH this forum were that active...I bet it used to be busy way back when it started. Its a damn shame....
  2. I was at a bookstore looking for...books, when I noticed a crowd of people sitting around a table and chair with a few books laid out in a freakishly orderly fashion. Apparently, some author was holding a book signing and I had walked right in without noticing the announcement poster on the door.
    Am I that out of the loop? I didn't recognize the author or her works, and shame on my memory because now, I don't even remember this lady's last name!!! Of course, its actually been some time since I've purchased any new books- I have a tendency to reread my favorites. :)
  3. My best friend from college decided to contact me. Its so...awkward because we used to be close (we once passed out in the same bed together, and neither of us felt uncomfortable about it). I hate talking on the phone, and she isn't on Facebook that often, so we have agreed to use email as our primary contact. But what do you say to someone you hardly know anymore? And (I feel ashamed of myself for saying this but) is it even worth it?

    I know we've both changed/matured since then and I don't know if we're still compatible as friends. I can count my real friends on one hand because I'm just not that social and never have been. I think I'll just be friendly and casual about it and see how she responds. After all, "it takes two" as they say!
  4. I posted a cover art thread in the lounge and its gone!!!! I think I stepped on someone's toes somehow but I have no idea who or why. I definitely feel like I just moved to a new country and I only speak bits and phrases of the language. I've tried friendly chat with a few people and have been ignored as well...why can't this forum be like Italy where everyone tries for your attention? :p Oh, I don't mind it so much, I was never the social butterfly to begin with. How about another cute puppy picture to change the topic?

    This one is from last December when I first got Fay. She is only 3 pounds here!


    To be fair, she is full grown at 8 pounds now, and is still cuddle size!!!
  5. You would think after taking a Creative Writing class ON poetry I would be a decent poet....well you thought wrong!!! HA! I haven't written an actual poem in over a year, but when I looked through my old works I saw one or two that I DID enjoy. Here is one of them:

    The Un-drowning Day

    The day can draw blood
    break bones and suck tears
    from the very marrow of our minds
    and veins of our souls;
    the dripping faucet of torturous hours
    pooled in the bottom of our hearts
    so it feels like drowning in a sea of glass
    as air escapes from cuts in our chests
    desperately missed by our shattered bodies-
    You see us struggle to keep above
    today's turmoil and tomorrow's shadow
    and sometimes we believe that seeing
    is the sum of your intentions
    while we slip away-
    twitching bodies under the ocean's waves-
    But you promised to be there and so you shall
    as certain as today and hopeful as tomorrow
    the sun's promise to our covered heads;
    light will rise from the darkest depths.