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    There’s only one soul mate, which is God. The aspect of God in existence in which the soul mate is recognised is love. Love is the unifying principle, ceaseless in its endeavour to bring whatever it enters to a deeper realisation of its immeasurable beauty. To a child the soul mate is the cuddly toy, which represents an inseparable link to love of the universal womb, the place of wonder behind existence. In the emerging adult the overriding impulse is for sexual union with the beloved, the cuddly toy now personified in the flesh by the opposite polarity of man or woman. This is the divine missing half of the person and the whole purpose of life is to re-unite with this original state of being.

    The idea of soul mate arises from the recognition of light or purity in another body which connects the individual to their formless love within. This is the basis of attraction at every level in existence. But it’s the mystical element, which often manifests in the first instance as knowledge of the other without necessarily having any factual information about them, that differentiates the encounter as something out of the ordinary. Sometimes there’s a subtle recognition of the impermanence of things, and this has the effect of intensifying the time spent in each other’s company. It’s quite common to meet the soul mate only fleetingly, yet the union endures energetically within the consciousness as a climacteric event in the life. The rarest instance of love between soul mates is through grace where love is served, not only for the lovers themselves but for the betterment of humanity as a whole.

    The soul is a euphemism for virtue, which is the light of self-knowledge retained in every life recurrence as the purity of experience. The idea of the soul is to replicate through the struggle of existence the Shining One or unique character, the spiritual essence behind the body. So the soul mate enters someone’s life to mirror in sense an aspect of the being as yet unrealised by the man or woman to take them, if possible, deeper into the mystery of love. The soul mate is concerned only with raising the consciousness of the other by refusing to compromise with the personal feelings and expectations of the self. Sometimes the soul mate leaves or circumstances make it impossible to be together. This happens to break the heart so as to disabuse a person of the false notions of love. Where there’s great love there inevitably follows great pain to enable the personal element of attachment to be transcended.

    At the octave of everyday life anyone who serves us, or even catches the attention with a smile in a crowded street, is potentially a soul mate – or perhaps even an angel. Angels are divine beings which sometimes appear to the dying in a vision, as aspects of the compassion of God, at a time of great suffering and acceptance of the inevitability of death. From the eternal realm, where nothing ever moves or changes, there are innumerable lights of incandescent beauty. From a worldly perception this is difficult to discern because the busyness of the mind obscures the reality within. The idea is to give up the force of holding onto existence as a fear of descending into the unknown.

    As beings of the Father of Lights, the originating power of creation, we enter existence on a beam or radial line from the eternal. The beam is the bridge between the spirit and the sensory realm. The nucleus of our spiritual identity emits a circular cluster or ring of lesser lights, which is a pod of divine radiance that sends the beam into existence as a signal of light. It’s possible for the pod to emit multiple beams on the single radial line which split into different bodies or life forms. People can be quite unaware that they cohabit with a soul mate or, even more incredibly, for the population of an entire village or community to be the one being or light split into innumerable aspects of itself. Such is the mystery and profundity of this existence.

    Love is in a dreadful mess on the earth. Everybody is dying for love but usually not prepared to go all the way when the opportunity presents itself. The soul mate is really a divine intervention until an individual comes to their senses and realises they were born to love. There’s nothing wrong in pursuing a career or being a success in the world, but the energy and drive needed to uphold such a worldly position hampers the possibility of a soul mate coming into the life or even being recognised. The soul mate is undeterred, however, and can often enter someone’s life when least expected.Each of us is a soul mate to another, but only in the moment of being true and vulnerable to love.

    However, the soul mate must always remain a mystery. Although appearing in form, the essence of soul mate is formless and impersonal beyond rational understanding. Soul mate is unknowable and can only be intuited as love of all that humanity has ever yearned to feel, touch or inhale as the beauty of nature and the sweetness of the earth. Man and woman embody the idea of the earth and every star in the universe. The idea of soul mate is to become a self-sustaining light or beacon of love. Love is of the earth and the soul of the planet is the resolve of the human spirit to carry on in the great struggle towards cosmic consciousness – our true destiny as ethereal beings in the light of our eternal reality.
  2. man and city.jpg
    The nature of self is pain, which is a parasite pathologically attached to experience whatever the price in human misery. The self is the alien in the head which, as the thinker, dwells on the past, gets worried and gets its kicks by creating a fantasy world through images stored in the memory. Emotion is the powerhouse of self which fuels the psychic force of unhappiness due to humanity’s abdication of responsibility for life on earth. Whatever the experience, be it good or bad or positive or negative, is inconsequential to the self. The world today is run by the self-interest of people, nations and our leaders, all of whom are possessed by self in varying degrees.

    To know my self is awful. It’s awful because everything in existence is self, and to realise life and love as an uninterrupted state of being, an individual must die to the need to exist. This is not as difficult as it sounds when the truth of self is exposed as the spoiler of life on earth. But self is only the spoiler to the degree that it exists in ignorance of the sublime integrity of the source of life. It’s only necessary to exist as a body, which naturally enjoys being at ease and living in harmony with its environment. But most people today have left their bodies and exist as reactionary beings attached to the emotional demands and negativity of self.

    Another name for self is fear. The root of all fear is death of the physical form, which is a deeply subconscious psychosis within everybody until negated through self-knowledge. The fear of death attaches the person to the body and to the belief in the world to provide security through the reassurance of hope for a better future. This sets in motion the drive in people to discover something permanent in existence to counter the looming shadow of death. The false assumption that life is over when the body dies is so overwhelmingly disturbing that keeping busy and preoccupied with everything which is unimportant has become the predominant feature in our western culture. Whatever is accomplished or achieved in our relatively short life span on earth is irrelevant at the time of death in the reflection of the true value of the life.

    Of all the species only the human animal is unhappy, as is demonstrated by the perennial discontent in people and the appalling condition of injustice and poverty in the world. This is due to emotion, which has corrupted and degraded the instinctual intelligence inherent in the animal body. Only we humans make a problem of life; we do this by holding onto our experience through remembering and replaying events in the mind. Unknowingly, this attaches us to the continuity of living, and before long we become slaves to the clock and the passage of time. Self consists of past. And past obviously has no place in the present. The pure expression of life is instinct, which is the direct experience of life in the moment. The natural creatures are joyous in their instinctual innocence. A fact usually forgotten is that human beings are animals too and instinct can often be seen operating in our daily activities. Touch a hot stove, for example, and immediately the hand instinctively pulls back before the mind has barely registered any discomfort.

    The truth of self is out of existence and is the unknowable but all pervasive presence called God, or whatever name is attributed to the inner mystery. The self is everything which can be named, described, visualised and conceptualised in worldly terms. The self has its function as the doer in existence. But unless an individual discovers through the living process something of value to serve, the direction the self takes will invariably be selfish and in revolt to the greater good. The self can only know itself and has no knowledge of the power and the glory beyond its comprehension.

    Just as the fear of death creates the psychological impulse for self to drive into existence, the emotional force which gives substance to the body of self is sex. All self arises from sex and the absence of love in the world. Love is the power of original being. But to reach the surface of the world where it’s needed is difficult in these times because love, as it enters existence, is distorted and degraded by self, which is the unhappiness and discontent in everybody. The self detests love but will give the impression of being loving and concerned without revealing its true intent, or hold back from giving all in the exchange.

    Most people consider their self through feelings which fluctuate and change like the weather. The self is an impostor which has skilfully hoodwinked just about everyone, as is demonstrated by the absence of profound knowledge of love and truth on the planet. Truth is unknowable, which is why it’s so rare but can be realised through love, the finest intelligence within the body. So what can be done to dismantle the hold of the self? Fortunately the solution is contained within the living process itself. When an individual has suffered enough, there’s a reciprocal impulse from within which reveals a knowledge that it’s now time to come back to me. My self, thank God, is not me. Me, as my spiritual master Barry Long revealed to the people of the earth, is the sweetness and innocence within the body which is recognisable whenever love is present and all is well with the world.
  3. pink-flower-wallpaper-300x169.jpg
    Only when an individual has been touched by the divine is it possible to go all the way for love. The truth is that everyone has been touched by this timeless profundity of being. The physical body is itself a medium for love, without which it would be impossible to go on. Young children are able to respond to life with the spontaneity and innocence of love. However, with the gathering of time and experience, love becomes a pale replica of its original radiance and beauty due to the distractions of the world.

    To go all the way for love there needs to be a shift or change to what normally happens in a relationship. Perhaps the biggest error is the assumption that love is something for the satisfaction of the person in exclusion of the totality of life. Because love is inevitably personalised, it becomes debased and entangled in the emotional demands of both partners. This breeds inner discontent, which imperceptibly builds up until the pressure reaches a critical point when it erupts as a release of anger or accusation.

    For a man who is inspired to put self second, and perhaps discover a higher love, he must first examine to what degree sex runs and dominates his life. This is quite a facing and heralds a major turning point, if he can do it without flinching. As a general rule man plunders woman in a similar manner to how he deflowered the earth and polluted the oceans. He burrows into her psyche and, when he knows her, becomes restless and hankers after some new sexual experience. Love can only be retained and replenished in a partnership when woman remains a mystery to her man. She, the spiritual principle behind the form, is unknowable; although she denies nothing to he who is worthy of her immeasurable love and beauty.

    Woman, except in rare instances, hasn’t realised she’s been conned by man into relinquishing her command of love. By extending so far out to join him in his world, she’s lost touch with her essential nature and godhead. Woman is the hope of life on earth, for only she can keep man facing towards the light of love and not the substitute shades of the world. But she can only do this to her full potential when no longer a slave to the sexual demands of man. For a woman to go all the way for love, she must refuse to compromise with any feelings of insecurity that may arise from having to be straight and true in her dealings with man. A woman often continues in a relationship which is making her emotional and unhappy for fear of condemnation by friends and family, should she decide to move on. The prospect of losing financial support is another barrier that can keep her attached to the past while love withers and fades from the life.

    For a woman to be true to love she must know that to perpetuate a dishonest partnership with man is not truly serving him or the purpose of love. The female principle has a natural discernment to ascertain whether love is being served at any time. It’s woman’s self-doubt and fear of reprisals by her man that inhibit her from pointing out what’s making her emotional and confused. This is why it’s imperative to get things straight at the beginning of a relationship as an agreement to expose any demand or emotional negativity that would sully their love. This is especially important during the act of lovemaking if the man is getting excited and not being present or the woman has some emotion arising. Both must be reassured by each other’s mutual sense of higher purpose and have no secrets between them.

    In a situation which involves children from another relationship, it’s essential for everybody to be completely together in the way that the family functions within the home. With the added pressure of family life, and all that this involves, it’s easy for love to slip between partners and become tarnished over time. It’s imperative to put love between each other above all else. When lovers become complacent and distracted by those around them, they can become vulnerable to outer forces endeavouring to create division in the unity of their love. Amazingly, when love is served at the centre of the family as the honesty between the man and woman, everyone receives the benediction of right action and is pleased to play their part in the harmony of the home. Children tend to respond to justice, kindness and integrity with remarkable intelligence and, when creatively free to express themselves, they can reveal a knowledge that comes from a timeless profundity.

    Going all the way for love is not a therapy or partial activity but a total immersion in the conscious participation of life. An indication of being willing to embrace the spirit of what this entails is always being available for love. Even the most promiscuous person is not always available for sex. There will be times when they can’t be bothered or not in the mood. Most people are exclusively identified with the fluctuating feelings of their emotional body. So it’s quite a leap to broaden the vision so as to be conscious of love at a level beyond personal considerations. It is possible, however, to always be available for love since this is an original state of being that never fluctuates. Naturally it’s the moment that presents the opportunity to love in the great movement of life, so it’s akin to being open to the infinite possibilities of life.

    To truly go all the way for love and reach the pinnacle of spiritual union is to love God above all else. But talk of God is meaningless for most of us and lacking in reality unless it can be brought down to earth. So how can God be known in existence? When a woman recognises the divine light of love in her man, and when he perceives her inner beauty and mystery, both receive the reflection of God in the other. Only when a woman can see the authority and truth emerging in her man will she eventually put aside all her personal considerations and give herself completely to the situation of the love between them. But she cannot do this for an emotional or dishonest man. When a man is truly open to the female consciousness of love, which has the power to transform and inspire him to go all the way, he will gradually surrender his independence and attachment to the world.

    God is the unknowable mystery which man and woman personify as the divine lovers in existence. The eternal attraction of sensual life is the magnet of sexual union in the flesh. Whatever else man or woman aspire to in the arts, or in any sphere of human achievement, is inconsequential to the power of love and the merging of the male and female principles. Ultimately, to go all the way for love is to come to life through the recognition that love is all.
  4. th-2 (6).jpg
    Everybody on earth is waiting for the master. This is because only the master, or more specifically the master consciousness, has the power to shatter the dream of existence. The master comes from within; but for this sublime radiant power to externalise through the senses it must be affirmed through the living master in the outer world. In truth there’s only the master, which is the personification of God the most high. The master appears in male form, as befits the role of the teacher of truth. A woman with a comparable state of consciousness realises the truth as love and is rarely called upon to declare herself publicly.

    The master is not exclusive and his function is to help anyone able to receive his teachings so as to be more real and liberated from the confines of ignorance and emotional negativity. There are many spiritual teachers but few masters on the earth at any one time. The teacher, by the way of things, prepares the individual for the master. The master differs from the spiritual teacher as a function in the spiritual process. The teacher serves those still attached to the world at a level where they can have time for reflection to analyse and discuss the truth. The words of the teacher reaffirm what is already known, but in a way that those receptive are able to reach a deeper place of consciousness.

    The master is recognised by his knowledge, not only of what’s already known but what’s unknown which can be realised as original truth by those in his orbit. Whereas the teacher works in time, the master is the timeless power that confronts the self, leaving no choice in the individual but to die now to the ignorance of the past. Every true master introduces a unique aspect of the universal earth idea. Extraordinary beings in human history, such as Krishna, Buddha and Christ, represented the excellence of humanity expressed through their teachings. It’s the people who ultimately determine at any phase of evolutionary time who will be master as surrogate for the human family to impart the truth of his realisations.

    The purpose of life is the gathering of mass. At the world octave this is the gathering of wealth and possessions to provide security and a sense of stability to offset the forces of existence. At the spiritual octave it’s the gathering of light or self-knowledge which determines someone’s depth of perception and sensitivity to love and truth. When a certain level of self-knowledge is reached, an individual gravitates into deeper space within the human psyche. The being, which is an aspect of the earth’s spirit, is energised by the radiance of a stellar object of incomparable mass and light. This is the star or constellation of a particular master behind the appearance of the sensory world. However, until it’s time, it’s not necessarily in an individual’s lights to enter the living master’s orbit; so they’re attracted to the teachings of dead masters, or perhaps one of the founders of the great religions where they can be served by the group lights of that segment of humanity.

    Prior to the shift in consciousness and appearance of the master in the physical world, an individual undergoes a climacteric of inner transformation. This is a transitional state which is being directed from within so as to prepare the ground for the influx of the new consciousness. In my own experience this was extremely intense and disorienting, which had friends and family questioning my sanity due to eccentric behaviour kept just below the accepted level to contain the radical inner shift. Within a year of the change I had left home and my work to be with Barry Long, the Australian spiritual master who became the source of inspiration and focus of my life.

    Everyone is influenced by the master, for the master is God – the one and only appearing as the many. The impersonal master is nature, where all are replenished by the restorative purity of mother earth. People seek out the beauty of nature and sometimes perceive the intrinsic intelligence which creates the precision and supreme artistry that exists between all living things. But as beautiful a reflection as nature is, it’s unable to penetrate the resistance in the matter of these bodies to its deepest centre. Only the unwavering light of the master consciousness is up to the task.

    Within everybody is the master waiting to come forward to be realised as the living truth of this matter. Time is the distance which separates the union of this divine completion. When time is up or running out, the quickening begins towards rebirth as a being of higher consciousness. This is our destiny: to be our own star and in turn help the others home in this glorious life where wonders never cease.
  5. earth-1920x1080-e1499260032695.jpg
    The intellect is our reality. It manifested in the original moment of eternity to encompass what, in sensory perception, would be the blackness of space between the stars. From an inner perspective, the intellect is the depository of every idea that could ever be conceived, held in its pristine and timeless state. The true spiritual identity of each of us is a unique radiant idea within the eternal intellect.

    Our living life with all its challenges and hardships is the way in which our miraculous profundity is realised in existence – the only impediment is the human mind. The mind is not the intellect; in truth they are a world apart. The mind began to formulate within the psyche as an extension in time and past as the first effect of consciousness. Its appearance within the pre-conscious was not unlike the time frame camera sequence of ice crystals developing on a line of finest lace. These traces of mind developed in time into intricate structures of increasing complexity in response to humanity’s rational understanding of the world.

    The function of the mind is to deal specifically with the practicalities of living and to process information relative to the objective world. The mind works reasonably well when focused on matters that involve a plan of action or assessing possible outcomes in worldly situations. But when the same mind looks inward for answers to the deeper meaning of life, it’s completely flummoxed. As an effect and not an original cause, the mind is an instrument of time and always a fraction behind the immediacy of the moment. This means that the perception of the mind is limited exclusively to the things that have manifested in the material world.

    The mind associates stillness as a threat to its survival and something it is highly skilled in evading. The psychological effect is to equate the peace of mind as a sign of madness and to ridicule anyone or anything that suggests a superior intelligence than the mind’s own ability to reason. But in all recorded history, no mind has ever been able to answer the two fundamental questions of existence: namely the truth behind death and our origins as self-conscious beings. So we have the extraordinary situation of being in a world that recognises the mind as the acme of intelligence, with virtually no knowledge of the superior function of the intellect.

    Today we embody both the timeless state retained within the intellect together with the momentum of thousands of years of the mind’s progressive drive into matter. The spiritual task is to somehow unite these dual aspects of perception as an integrated system of intelligence. However, the approach to reality is further hampered by the emotional body, which merges with the mind as an entity of self, pathologically attached to the polarities of pain and pleasure in existence. When the mind is focused on any emotional disturbance, it’s compelled to follow in a circuitous pattern – a vicious circle of worry, anxiety and fear.

    So how in the scheme of things did we as a race become so separate from our innate connection to reality? Each personal mind is now conditioned with attitudes and feelings that are either for or against anything that appears to conflict with its particular point of view. The combined result is the billions of minds of humanity vibrating collectively as nations and allegiances to a particular emotional frequency consonant with their personal wants and desires. As a consequence of the mind’s fixation with its own rational perspective of life, we’re stuck with the delta of problematical effects which ceaselessly roll on as the human condition of unhappiness.

    The reflected light of the intellect is consciousness. Consciousness diffuses as the beam of divine light or spirit from the intellect to the nucleus centre of the brain. The degree of luminosity at this centre determines the depth of perception necessary to realise as direct knowledge the most profound mysteries of life and the universe. Ideas are activated by the release of higher knowledge for the advancement and evolution of humanity through the intellect. These include ideas such as anaesthetics, electricity, D.N.A. and nuclear fusion. All the brilliant ideas of various people are not as a result of focusing on the mind, as is the common assumption, but from the focus on the intellect. The ideas themselves are impersonal and often realised by more than one individual simultaneously. As the idea is brought into the world, its original essence degenerates in purity as the mind busily engages in exploiting the new discoveries for profit and personal gain.

    The intellect is where we come from as cosmic beings in our original state of being. The light of the intellect is not unlike a magnet that radiates an enormous gravitational power which pulls everything that has lived on the surface of the earth back to its source. Having extended so far out in time to the extremity of existence, we’re all eventually compelled to come home. The momentous task is to be able to face the shimmering light of the intellect so as to pass through it to the other side. What’s on the other side of the intellect? Another facet of the divine mystery called infinity, where non-existence and something else beyond all superlatives resides.