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  1. 1c9a19985b228cad196f3a2cb8b591d1-001-225x300 (2).jpg
    There’s not much reality in the world today. Otherwise science, the pinnacle of intellectual knowledge, would have discovered something of value for humanity to serve as a universal ethic. Religion, the failed science of yesterday, is just as unreal with its appalling record of holy wars, inquisitions and the worship of icons and rituals. The experience of living as a physical body that ages and is vulnerable to many unseen forces is demonstrably impermanent since everybody dies. What is real doesn’t disappear in time. How then to approach reality to experience for ourselves the eternal mystery behind existence?

    Eternity is a word that has always been used to describe the state of reality. The echo of eternity can be registered at a sensory level as the grainy tingling sensation within the body. This is most noticeable within the hands, although the whole body is sensationally alive with this eternal resonance. Unless the mind is still it will be impossible to enter any level of reality; focusing on this pure sensation quells the momentum of the mind. Between each grain of sensation is the space of pure intelligence, which is the innate intelligence present at birth. Pure intelligence is the inner perception of undifferentiated life while simultaneously allowing life to be projected through the senses.

    As a species our bodies have become hardened in time as a structure of emotion and matter, so that existence and the origins of the universe appear to have evolved over an inordinate evolutionary period measured in billions of years. This is utterly false since the only reality is now, the moment when everything happens. There’s no reality in the past or the last moment. This is extremely challenging, even provocative, for the human mind to grasp. The physical body is the symbol of now. Nothing ever happens without the body being present, except in the imagination or assumption that something’s happening in another part of the world or even the next room. The here and now is all there is as a demonstration of reality. It’s a fashionable utterance in spiritual teachings to ‘live in the moment’ but very few people are ever truly present in the senses.

    Reality is an unknowable state beyond the comprehension of the mind. This is the stationary realm out of existence where nothing ever changes or moves. However, the being within the body is naturally attuned to this reality. It’s not unlike the experience of being in love or, paradoxically, in the proximity of death when time appears to slow down due to the perception of the impermanence of living. The inner vital being remains constant as a presence of joy and wellbeing from birth until death. What does change is the frequency of the emotional body and feelings which, with the rational mind, is the only impediment to perceiving reality direct. Any thought not directed towards practical action plunges the intelligence into a secondary existence of mind. This creates the vicious circle of worry, anxiety and confusion, together with all the other negative effects of the human condition.

    Another fundamental aspect of reality is that there is no other ‘I’ in the universe; only the one who calls himself or herself ‘I’. However, the temptation to objectify the formless truth ‘I am’ within every body is almost overwhelming, but not when reality is perceived in an individual’s own living experience. The unreality of the world invariably objectifies the truth of I, as happens in religious dogma and veneration of masters as being God the most high. Jesus Christ said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’. The consciousness of the world psyche at that time, and for generations that followed, assumed that Jesus was referring to himself as a man. From this monumental error came two thousand years of religious tyranny and torment for the human race. And religious belief persists today as the main impediment to the direct experience of God and being responsible for the universal formless I, the one and only within every body.

    Everything happens in the human brain. There’s no ‘out there’ in the outer world except as a projection in sense of the incredible idea of life behind the appearance of the myriad forms in the objective universe. In dreamless sleep, or when unconscious, the world disappears. When conscious in the senses everything reappears as the sensory projection. At physical death the thread connecting the awareness to the unconscious is severed and a new phase of life begins. Here on earth the struggle continues in a divisive world and will intensify as we crank up the emotional ambiance towards the closing chapters of an inglorious era of human suffering and moral decay.

    But whatever happens here is transitory and changes not the timeless state of reality. For an individual inspired to unite with their eternal being while still in the body, the world starts to lose its appeal. In its place come frequent reminders for a reality check to keep present and alert in the senses. And in time, the search for truth becomes the life – and the way in which reality is realised.

  2. pierre-bouillot-29063.jpg
    Everybody is born to love. Even the most tyrannical dictator was once a baby who gurgled with innocent delight in the cradle. It’s the way of life that each of us is loaded with a portion of past human ignorance, which will manifest as the challenges and difficulties in the living life. The love inherent within the body is the integrity which will be called upon to counteract and transform these negative effects of the past. However, from the moment of birth a veil of forgetfulness gradually obscures the radiance of love, our essential nature and the unifying principle of life.

    With the formation of the memory and gathering of experience, it’s not long before the subtle presence of love within the body becomes less discernible against the coarser vibrations of excitement or depression. These two polarities of positive and negative energies are the basis of every emotional disturbance that afflicts the human race. And we can see how this works in our everyday lives in the way that we are either for or against something; or in our likes and dislikes, which vacillate in accordance with the feelings and emotions. All of this activity creates movement and agitation, which is the antitheses of the stillness and presence of love.

    Sex without love is the most destructive force in the world. Sex is really love but can only be so in the absence of selfish intent and emotional excitement. Love is immediately sullied when the mind translates the pure sensation within as erotic fantasying and escapism. Love is sufficient without any emotional embellishments since it’s the most beautiful pleasure that’s possible in existence. What’s happened, and become a universal addiction, is for people to want to hold on to the moment and amplify the feelings to correspond with the sexual imagery in the mind. This reduces the potency of love, because it’s only in the surrender of the last moment that the scintillating beauty produced by the male and female principles unites with the formless divine lover behind the appearance of the body.

    The simplicity of two bodies making love in the absence of sexual wanting is such a radical departure from the accepted way of things. Sexual maturity and wisdom in love has been well and truly buried under the global sexual drive that is the dominant influence behind today’s cultural and political trends.
    Love is rarely simple any more since people have become hardened due to the absorption of electrical force generated by computers and modern technology. The love that should be given to another is being subverted by the sterility of machines, which will soon take form as artificial intelligence in human robots.

    Unfortunately sexual promiscuity prevails and is stoked through the proliferation of pornography now available to anyone with a mobile phone. Little wonder that children growing up now identify with the excitement of sex without love and, as a consequence, will be that much more removed in generations to come from the innocence of love in the flesh. The degradation of real love is what has brought the world and the human race to the brink of destruction. Let’s not be fooled by the world’s media and the politicians who say things will be better in the future, convinced they know what they’re doing. They don’t know. And nobody knows, except for a few enlightened individuals and the insane, who frequently have more love in their bodies than they can contain.

    Yet love is always present, at least potentially; and when it breaks through the core resistance of self, the person is immediately united with this original state of being. What’s particularly poignant is that it takes tragedy to bring human beings together, as often happens in the wake of a disaster or incident involving the deaths of innocent people. At such times the barriers, inhibitions and personal prejudices are put aside, with the emphasis on serving the impersonal needs of the situation. Thus does love come forward to reveal the best of humanity so often at the worst of times.

    Love is a state of reality which never changes and carries with it a knowledge which reveals whatever is needed in the moment to serve the integrity of the entire creation. Rain comes as a need of the earth to be fructified and refreshed by the douching of love in elemental form. Without water there’s drought, and pestilence follows as the decay and petrifaction of matter. When our love is dammed we dry up inside and look outside for anything that approximates the real thing. People love waterfalls and have miniature versions in their gardens because the continual flow of water is symbolic of the psyche, free-flowing in its natural state of harmony. Love is the fulfilment of need responding to the ever changing tones and contrasts of spirit in matter.

    The state of love has the power to change everything for good. But at this phase of human evolution, the distractions of the times are too overwhelming for there to be a mass solution. Only in the individual man or woman can a real difference be made to the appalling lack of love in the world. But it will only work if love is consciously invoked as gratitude to life for the privilege of being born to love.

    Image by Pierre Bouillot

  3. th.jpg
    Fake news is a weapon of mass deception which has been operative for millennia as propaganda to discredit rivals or gain public support. The current version of fake news began when certain individuals on social media fed fabricated stories, linked to current events, in such a deft way that they appeared to be genuine. As the posts generated interest and went viral, they were picked up by legitimate news agencies across the world. Ironically the ‘fake news’ is now deemed important enough to run as ‘actual’ news stories, due to the worldwide interest on social media!

    Events themselves, no matter how tragic, have no emotional content but are presented in reports to create a sensation of heightened excitement in the global audience. This is prolonged by continual analysis and replay of someone else’s misfortune – until superseded by something even more sensational. The mass media represents the arrow point of human ignorance. Wherever reporters appear in the world, tragedy and scandal follow as a mirror of humanity’s void of unhappiness and despair. The phenomenon of fake news will continue to escalate in proportion to the rise of civil unrest and political instability around the world. The implications of this, particularly in times of national emergencies, are potentially catastrophic in stoking the emotional ambience of the global population. This in turn will fuel the media’s hysteria and put unbearable pressure on leaders to take potentially drastic measures.

    At another level, fake news represents an overspill of the incessant deluge of information continuously reported across the globe. It’s the unseen effect of the tide turning in on itself before being engulfed by its own residual force. Fake news is a way of keeping the charade of misleading the people a going concern by blurring the edges between what’s real and reality entertainment. Many movies and television dramas are now portrayed in such a way as to resemble actual news broadcasts, with particular emphasis on graphic violence. This is to subliminally prepare the people for the shocking impact of increasing civil unrest and massive reprisals by the armed forces.

    Fake news has become a generic term used by politicians in a tight squeeze to throw doubt on the authenticity of any negative media coverage that shows them in anything less than glowing colours. The dominant force in the world today is the entertainment industry, which is built on glamour. Glamour is sexual force on its best behaviour and is paramount in whatever is presented through the media. President Trump is the indisputable high priest who presides over the most glamorous family and nation on earth. Glamour panders to the voyeuristic aspect of the self, which is presented as something accessible to the common people but is something outside of their own experience. This is the appeal of populism, the latest political doctrine which aims to return power to the people instead of being controlled by an elite group of bureaucrats.

    The line between factual news and fabricated events is now so nebulous that nobody can be really sure as to what’s real or what’s fake. Since nothing in existence is at it appears, fake news is actually close to representing the truth behind the appearance of the objective world. This is because the truth can only be perceived through that which is false. Attachment to the world as something that endures as a permanent structure necessitates hope for the future. The psychology of this is to relieve the masses of any responsibility for life on earth now by keeping them bound to the mores of a society ingrained with ever-shifting values.

    The human race, except in rare instances, has forgotten the purpose of life – which is to be free of the burden of emotional negativity. Fake news begins with anything that moves matter within the body as emotional feelings and interpretation which distort the facts in any given situation. Imaginative speculation or worry is fake news being screened within the mind and emotional body. This is the unpopular truth, which every news agency on the planet is unconsciously keeping from the people of the earth.

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  4. th.jpg
    People often ask how can there be a God that allows wars, poverty and exploitation, and particularly the tragedies that afflict the young and innocent. Every spiritual teacher or guru throughout the ages has endeavoured to answer this question, as do religionists, philosophers and the more perceptive people of our times.

    The difficulty is that people have made a concept of God, which is to interpret someone else’s experience instead of the direct knowledge which reveals the simplicity and profundity of truth. The conceptualising of God accounts for the wide range of discrepancies in religions and many spiritual teachings, as well as atheism and scientific materialism. We’ve all been exposed to some degree of scientific rationality which, even as a background vibration, tends to deaden the sensitivity to intimations of the inner realm.

    Science and religion have galvanised the human psyche throughout history to produce a world civilisation now on the brink of self-destruction. Paradoxically this has had the effect of releasing deeper inspirational knowledge of the original earth idea to those receptive to its transformative truths. The difficulty is that the power surge has also dislodged the most hardened and protected layers of the world psyche that have lain dormant for millennia. These highly volatile and destructive energies now provide the catalyst for terrorists, and for anyone seeking to radically challenge the complacency and hypocrisy of western thought and culture.

    God is the state of equilibrium within the psyche that holds the entire creation together. Without this omniscient presence the world would implode under pressure of the opposing forces of existence. However, God is not responsible for the atrocities committed in the name of religions or beliefs, or for those possessed by anger and hatred. It is we human beings who elected to go it alone in defiance to the Will of God, which did not interfere with the affairs of humanity in the creation of a world without love. The terrible consequence is that we set in motion a law of cause and effect, which must now run its course until the end of time.

    So where on earth is God? Or has humanity been abandoned to its own fate? God has not abandoned the human race but is unable to be realised as a mass solution; only to the individual who, in truth, is the one and only appearing as the many. God or the Spirit never enters the world, yet is implicit within each being as the power and glory from which everything in existence arises and returns at death in the summation of the living life. But must we really wait for death to come to life, or is it possible to reconcile the appalling conditions of poverty and suffering that afflict so many in the world today?

    The unifying principle between the invisible realm and the sensory world is love. But in these deeply material times love is mostly objectified as the love of someone or something and seldom realised as the direct experience of the originating source within the body. God is love and can only be realised through he or she who is willing to stand alone, not in defiance to the world at large but in denial of the right to defend and uphold the emotional negativity of the personal self, which is the death of love on earth. This is true responsibility for the state of being a man or woman no longer in revolt to God – and the destiny of each one of us, however long it takes.

  5. s-l300.jpg
    Anger management is a therapeutic programme for those excessively attached to anger. It’s possible to manage anger with some degree of success, but not as a permanent solution. The difficulty is that all therapeutic methods are a partial treatment of the universal symptom of unhappiness. Heal one aspect of the emotional self and another malady soon pops up to take its place. In my research into the practice of anger management I’ve not yet seen or read anything that really puts the spotlight on the truth of anger. This isn’t really surprising since the root cause disguises itself amongst innumerable other negative forces, each vying for top spot in the emotional hierarchy within the body.

    The overriding feeling in people attached to anger is to blame someone else for their seething discontent. This is often reinforced by sympathy from others. For many people anger is an emotion which occupies a special place of affection akin to an old friend who’s always around in times of need. Perhaps it’s the stylised image portrayed in films in the sixties of the ‘angry young man’ rebelling against society, making it ‘cool’ for successive generations to emulate.

    Mood is the passive state of anger. When left to ferment as unresolved hatred or resentment, anger engulfs the mind and manifests externally in people as a dark and sinister emanation. This brooding aspect of the personality becomes the focal point of many people’s identity. Mood is not dissimilar to mist that lingers over moorland, limiting visibility and making it dangerous to get around. The difference is that mood is a black noxious cloud that pollutes the psyche, which makes it difficult to be in the company of such a presence.

    At every level, anger looks to externalise in the world as a reaction to events and circumstances which reflect to some degree the original trauma at birth. People often feel better after an angry exchange, but it’s not long before the pressure builds up again and the cycle is repeated with another wave of anger projected into the world. The result is intermittent outbursts, often released as a missile of hate and accusation towards those we profess to love. In extremes, anger rapidly escalates into domestic abuse in the personal life; and collectively, when united by a cause and stoked by the masses the inevitable result is war. What’s not common knowledge is that whenever anger arises it’s the same in every body and varies only in intensity.

    To be free of the possessive entity of anger involves confronting the most base and primal energies within the human psyche. Anger is a psychic force, pathologically attached to the sensual experience only self-conscious human beings can provide. No provision is made in nature for anger, which is why no other animal apart from the human species gets angry or emotional. Some animals can indeed be savage and ferocious, but only as an expression of their instinctual nature to survive and procreate. After a violent altercation they quickly reconnect with their wellbeing and retain the pure experience of life. If any animal could reflect on the memory as we do and continually dwell on the cause of the pain, they too would become vulnerable to the emotional possession of anger.

    The difficulty in mastering the effects of anger is the speed in which it’s suddenly there. The force of anger simmers just below the surface awareness and only needs the slightest provocation as a trigger to enter existence through the brain. Before you know it, the familiar feelings tighten as emotional knots of tension and the person is then a slave again until the energy has had its feed. The attention has to be swifter than the anger to prevent it from entering the brain. Of course, this means continually practising being conscious in the body when the emotions are quiescent for it to be effective when anger tries to arise. Then, although the emotional residue of any heated exchange can linger as a background vibration, the anger is eventually neutralised.

    Love is the cure for every negative condition on earth. But a cursory look at the awful mess we human beings have made of the planet, and of ourselves, shows that human love is not up to the job. Pure love can indeed transform the life for good, but only when the individual is willing to be responsible for anger or any other emotional aberration within their own subconscious. The biggest step that can be taken is to surrender the right to be angry. This doesn’t mean not taking an appropriate course of action such as severing ties to a relationship. The thing is to let go of anger as any negative feelings associated with a person or event. Anger can only arise when there’s a demand on life for something that is either impossible to bring about in the present or that the person refuses to surrender as an emotional attachment from the past.

    As difficult and challenging as it may be, the truth is that there’s never any justification to be angry.

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