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  1. f

    I dove into this sorrow
    Saw my life be swept away with the current
    I turned off my mind
    But lost so much
    For the damage is irreversible
    I am against myself
    I don't want to die
    But living seems unbearable
    This darkness spreads to those around
    Scowls and anger rise
    Can they not see the anguish
    Why can they not hear my cries
    Surely they will hear my silence
    That will last forevermore
    An eternal cradle
    That will soothe my broken mind
    Childhood has slipped away
    Who is this now
  2. My own life
    So insignificant
    From my pity to sorrow
    They all posses the same light
    I do wish
    For a rust blade
    A serene forest to run red
    Will their understanding grow
    Can their empathy blossom
    For this hunger is a weed
    Feeding off my soul
    I must take the pesticide
    And let the flowers feed off my blood
    I have run them dry
    Just as life has run me
    I ride my sorrow
    Like a peasant begs
    I cannot choose but I happily receive
    I am ravenous for relief
    A noose to choke my cries
    A blade to numb my mind
    Perhaps this is best
  3. A life with no lead
    For I was born with no light
    My dull eyes cannot find the path
    They are to loud
    But yet I cannot hear them
    I lay famished and parched
    While surrounded by sustenance
    My withered body cannot rise against
    This weak mind obliges to the urge
    I can't wait for the day I succumb to my own misery
    The only thing I have left
    Is the very thing that is eating away at my mind
  4. What is it
    To live in such raw pain
    To have a deathwish bestowed upon your very soul
    Questions echo through my mind
    Like screams rattling through an empty hallway
    Dusty corridors will never see the dawn of light
    Thrown into darkness
    There is no way out
    The air has curdled
    and makes my lunges heavy
    Sleepy eyes get no rest
    For my dreams are haunted
    An infested mind
    Ruined, starved, beaten
    Substances are the only cushion
    The only way to deafen these screams
    But it rebounds with a vengeance
    All that is left is death
    The final breath
    That will set my mind free from this curse
  5. Dear child, do you not see?
    The creased faces that dance and plea.
    Child, can you not hear?
    The screams yet to have endear.
    Sweet child, why are you not afraid?
    Haunting memories that have yet to be made.
    Oh, child, why can you not see?
    You are the withered face that was once free.
    Lies, child, will you not hear?
    It was you that caused the anguish and fear.
    Filthy child, you should be afraid,
    the dance of terror that you crusade.