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  1. Hey everyone.

    Yeah, I've been gone. Been so busy with the whole music thang, haven't had much time to pop in. So you remember how I said my band's name was Wolves in Wool?

    It was a lie! Turns out, it's actually Hillside Charge! (Officially)

    Exciting news:

    We've just now started to make ourselves known to the local public and have booked four shows for this month. We've also created a facebook page for the band so, if you're so inclined, please do like us on facebook!
    I understand if you do not wish to like us until you've gone through the quality control process. (Really I do!)

    Therefore, if you'd like to listen to a few rough live tracks we recorded two weeks ago, be my guest. Which location would you like? I've got youtube, facebook, or reverbnation.
    Actually, that's technically only two since facebook pulls from reverbnation,


    Youtube (2 bonus tracks!!!):

    Wagon Train
    Please Yourself
    Bigfoot (for Pallas)
    Rain Season
    Castle Walls

    Well there you have it!
    More to come (whether you like it or not)!

    Please "like" us if you actually like it. We need the self-esteem.

    P.S. (We entered an online battle of the bands contest with a local radiostation to win a chance to open for our annual summer music festival. If you'd like to support us in this endeavor, please follow the link asking for votes from our facebook page! It's gonna take a lot of votes to take down some of the popular local monsters here.)

    Thanks guys!

    - Rob
  2. Alright, so again I had the rare opportunity to play guitar with a rockstar.

    She's shaken off her 'serious' stage presence and gone for a much more rocking one!

    Presenting, my amazing little girl in another of her favorite songs. "Your Touch" by The Black Keys!


    Watch this!
  3. Alright, so my bonus finally came in at work and I went out and spoiled myself a little with this sexy new electric guitar.

    It's an Epiphone Sheraton II. Got a great deal on it as it's lightly used. Still in great shape, though!

    I got a video of me breaking in my new girl. Also starring Natalie, who decided she needed to also play along with me.

    Enjoy this ****ty cover of Tighten Up by the Black Keys.
  4. Wolves in Wool!!!!!111eleven


    Ok, now that that's out of my system...

    We may have finally settled on a bandname that nobody hates. Nobody really loves it, but we're all "ok" with it. That might be the way it has to be for now. Can't please everyone.

    So, for the moment, my band is known as 'Wolves in Wool.'

    I guess that's kinda cool. Makes me think of one of my favorite music videos (And an intensely creepy one at that) by Queens of the Stone Age called 'Someone's in the Wolf.'

    In any case, the reason I'm posting to this blog is because we recorded a live set last weekend.

    We recorded 10 songs but, hilariously, only 4 survived. 5 were lost due to corrupted hardware and 1 due to apparent tentacle rape. I usually make it a point to keep my mouth closed when tentacles are about, but I guess everyone has to learn some way.
    C'est la vie...

    But I digress, I thought I'd share with you the songs that survived which I've posted to youtube. The videos are unlisted so you actually need the link from this page to view each one.

    None of the performances are perfect. Some bad mixing on the levels, some flat/sharp notes here and there, but it's pretty raw. Personally, I'm going to go ahead and blame my own mistakes on the absolutely massive amount of reverb on my monitors. The mic I recorded into was not the one I was singing into- The one I was singing into had way too much reverb on it and, had I known beforehand that we were recording, I would have asked for it to be shut off completely.
    But alas, like the retarded frontman I am, I didn't realize we were actually recording until about halfway through where I comically ask "Are we recording?" to much laughter from the other wolves.

    I'm getting offtrack again- in a weird mood today I guess.

    The surviving songs!

    Wagon Train
    Rain Season
    Come Feel It
    I Never Loved You

    Note: The synth/keys was something we were trying out, but we actually decided that we work better as a four-piece band and had to let the keyboard player go.

    Wolves in Wool is...

    Bass: Mark Wohlert
    Lead Guitar: Chris Gorder
    Percussion: Heath Main
    Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Sax: Robert Strain

    If you have any questions, comments, or flames, I'd love to hear them!


    P.S. - Yes, that is our set list in the picture. YES, there is a song called Vibrator. No, I don't know why, just seemed a cool nickname at the time. The songs we recorded that day are the ones on the left side. The ones on the right are unfinished jams.
  5. Hey everyone.

    It's been a while since I posted a new entry here, but I've actually posted many new videos since the last one on my youtube channel, just been too lazy to post them here.

    Check them out if you want.

    My channel is here.

    Some of the new videos you'll find there:

    Use Somebody - Kings of Leon
    Fell on Black Days - Soundgarden (An updated version)
    A full live version of Troubled Child
    Another song I wrote called Honeybee

    But the video I'm going to share with you right now is actually a cover of one of my favorite groups. A supergroup before any of the members were super:
    Temple of the Dog (Essentially Pearl Jam with Chris Cornell on lead vocals- how could that possibly go wrong?)

    Temple of the Dog - Call Me A Dog

    The song is actually kind of depressing, but it's blues so step off! Here are the lyrics if you'd like to follow along (note: the original is about 1,000 times better, but god damn it- I tried!)

    Call Me A Dog - Temple of the Dog

    You call me a dog. Well that's fair enough
    It aint no use to pretend you're wrong
    When you call me out, I can't hide anymore
    I got no disguise you can't see through

    You say it's bad luck to have fallen for me
    Well what can I do to make it good for you?
    You wore me out like an old winter coat
    Trying to be safe from the cold

    Yeah, but when it's my time to throw the next stone
    I call you beautiful if I call at all
    You call me a dog

    You tell me I'm low 'cause I slept on the floor
    Out in the woods with the badgers and wolves
    You threw me out 'cause I went diggin' for gold
    And I came home with a hand full of coal

    Yeah, but when it's my time to throw the next stone
    I call you beautiful if I call at all
    And when it's my time to call your bluff
    I call you beautiful if I call at all
    You call me a dog
    That's fair enough
    It doesn't bother me as long as you know
    Bad luck will follow you
    If you keep me on a leash and you drag me along

    Yeah, but when it's my time to throw the next stone
    I call you beautiful if I call at all
    Yeah, but when it's my time to call your bluff
    I call you beautiful if I call at all
    Yeah, you call me a dog