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  1. I wish I could, be understood
    I wish I could be an old redwood
    Over a hundred years old
    So much wisdom to be told
    From the whispering winds
    From the traveling clouds
    From the poring rain
    What would I have to gain
    I would gather the worlds leaders
    I could be their teachers
    If they could change their ways
    It could mean all of nature could have more days
  2. what is it about the power of the sea
    How does she have the power to bring men to their knees
    We watch and wonder to see what's under
    We sail on her, we swim in her
    We move upon her surface like she is ours to do so

    We dump into her,we pump into her
    We harvest from her like she is ours to plunder
    We take from her what we cannot give back
    We take from her like a thief in the night
    We take and take and pay not what's right

    Is it a wonder that her time is coming
    That her bounty is at an end
    That her shores are rising
    That her young are dying
    That she feels she has no friend

    Is it a wonder that she rises up and comes upon the land
    To swat at those who have forced her hand
    Do we not know the power she holds
    For she will win as this struggle unfolds

    She will lay waste to are fair land
    And take it for her own and cover it with sand
    Her children will feed on our flesh and blood
    We will be a most delightful dish lying in her mud

    She is a lady this is true
    But she can be the most fearsome lady we ever knew
  3. This is how I came to meet him
    I was doing time for a minor crime
    He was in my cell I could tell
    And this is when I came to see him

    This is how I came to know him
    I lived my life through a torrent of strife
    Faith to me never seemed to be
    Belief in something other than me
    Pain it seemed was all that gleamed
    And this is when I came to believe in him

    This is when I came to hear him
    In my ear his words were clear
    Make them feel your pain is real
    With knife and gun have your fun
    Play my game and make your name
    Flesh is flesh and bone is bone
    Turn your soul a darkish tone
    And this is how I came to feel him

    This is how I came to honor him
    Serial was my new name, oh how I learned to play his game
    Cool and collected my victims I selected
    Their life a casualty of my shimmering knife
    Yes Adams sons falling victim to my guns
    And Eves daughters all mine to slaughter
    And how I came to show my praise for him

    How I came to trust in him
    My demise was the man in blue’s big prize
    In the end my soul did descend
    With a soul of stone I sat upon my new throne
    Heat at my feet and sin to my chin
    In a world bent on vice and devoid of all things nice
    I looked over my court a motley sort
    It was no surprise right before my eyes
    A judge, a senator, a priest and a barrister
    A bishop and a king what did this all mean
    Was it a whisper in their ear that brought them all here
    What will you do when I whisper to you
    This is how I became him