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  1. I know a strange topic for a grandmother and children's writer.
    But was on a site this morning and they showed pictures of a boy who had been tortured, raped and chained.
    They were talking about what punishment was available and then went on to family kidnapping and what the system did. Not much in my mind.
    One thing was posted about a petition that is going world wide for the implanting of gps devises into the children that way we can keep track of them.
    Now I am all for protecting our children but to me this is just wrong.
    for one thing how do you keep the perps from hacking into the secure site and finding ways to track a child for the wrong reasons?
    Once you have this devise implanted can it be removed at any age or are you on the radar your entire life.
    I would never sign a petition like this and I certainly hope it does not get the #'s needed to be even considered.
    If the perps were made to be implanted there would be such a hue and cry about civil rights and lack of privacy it would never be done.
    But what does the child do, who protects the child?
    Just my thoughts today.
  2. yes it is time to try and leave.
    I love this place but I don't like me.
    I hurt to much to be much fun.
    If I can't make me smile how can I
    make others see the fun in things.
    I can't write my stories, Can't even read.
    I sit and hurt and try to live.
    So if I am not around for a bit.
    remember I count you as friends.
    As soon as I can think straight through
    the pain I will stop by and say hi.
    But for now I just can't cope.
    Thanks for helping me with the stories
    I wrote. Hopefully in a while I will be able
    do it again.
    luv and hugs.:(
  3. My doctor has told me the only thing he can suggest is back surgery.
    He is sending me to a surgeon in the hopefully near future to discuss my options.
    I can hardly move some days and that is bad enough, But surgery could make it so I can't move permanently.
    I have heard so many horror stories, that I am actually terrified at the thought.
    The computer is great but I still want to have a life outside of here.
    Nothing large just able to sit in the van long enough to see my grandchildren and their parents. Be able to give them hugs without hurting too much and also be able to feel the hugs.
    Don and the boys have put up with my problems for as long as I have known them and they still love me
    But will that continue when I can't do the things I can now?
    Probably shouldn't bring this here but I always find that you cheer me up and give me a different perspective.
    I guess that is what I need right now.
    Everytime I am alone I cry and that is not a good thing.
  4. You get up in the morning.
    Cup of coffee in hand,
    you go to the computer,
    It's our lifeline you understand.

    We check up on each other,
    It is easy to do.
    One click and read then
    on to another.

    We find that a friend,
    Is really under the weather.
    What! They ask can I do,
    for this pain?

    We usually try to be helpful
    and cheery.
    But oh! Some mornings our
    own life is much the same.

    So we skip on the answer
    hoping someone else will
    Be able to help this friend
    we all know so well.

    Then the cry for help
    slips down the page.
    This doesn't happen often
    But there it is again.

    Only one or two are able to give
    the support, if not answers
    to our friend's cry of pain.

    It is not that we ignore it
    this cry for help.
    It is just that right now,
    we are hitting rock bottom ourselves.

    So friends please do not judge us
    by the number of replies.
    We are simply reading and hoping
    that someone can help.

    Lynda Clarke
    11/14/02 06:49 PM
  5. It is about, love, marriage, motherhood, life and leaving.
    It is called Empty Nest Syndrome.
    Every one who has ever been a mother suffers from it in some form or other.
    I think I have a major case of it this year.
    I miss my sons and their families.
    I miss the joy of talking to them about their plans for the future the memories of their childhoods. I even miss the confessions of the silly bad things they did.
    I miss their telling me how they helped an older person open a door at the mall, how they smiled at an old man and he smiled back in surprise. I miss the looks on their faces when a small child would come running up to them to ask them to play even though they were in their teens.
    They never seemed to care that it wasn't cool or the done thing to be nice and polite to others. They just did what they thought was right and proper.
    I miss them sneaking up behind me scaring the wits out of me and giving me a hug.
    I even miss them standing taller than me patiently letting me scold them all the while counting the white hairs they had given me over the years.
    I miss teasing them in the car playing kids tapes when they were too old to be listening to them. Or singing the tv commercial ditties I grew up listening to.
    The phone is wonderful, the computer and web cams are even better.
    But what I miss most is just having them here to hug and talk to.
    Like I said every mother goes through this.
    We are proud, that we raised such wonderful people and they are raising their own wonderful people. We just wish they could be closer than a phone call away.
    I need the physical touch not the virtual one.
    If your mother is near you give her a hug.
    If she is far away give her a call.
    Believe me she will be surprised and thankful that you are so thoughtful.