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  1. I have been lying in bed with my eyes half-open. I have the unsatisfied feeling of knowing exactly where I am, but not how I got there or why. My mind is shifting. Why is the bedroom light on? Have I been asleep? Then I come to realize that I’m alone. Where is Jamie? She should be in bed with me. Maybe she got up to use the bathroom. That might be why the light is on. I feel content for a moment. Then, I again start to wonder, why am I here? Why can’t I remember? It makes no sense that I’m here in bed, something feels wrong, and I can’t remember a thing.
    Where is Jamie? She has been in the bathroom for a long time now. Didn’t something happen? I can’t remember. What am I doing in bed?
    I should get up. It feels like my head must weigh a thousand pounds. I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. This is all so strange, I can’t remember anything. If only Jamie would come back to bed, then I would know everything is alright. But something isn’t right.
    I wonder what I’m doing here. I know something happened that I should be aware of, but I just can’t bring it to mind. And where is Jamie? She should be back by now. Didn’t something happen to her? No, she’s just in the bathroom. I should go check on her, but I don’t think I can move. I know something’s wrong. Wait… I can remember.
    Jamie’s dead. How did that happen? I have to move now. I bring my hand up from under the sheets. I can feel it, and I remember. I feel where the cut goes straight through my throat. The blood is still wet, soaking into the sheets, cold on my fingers. It all comes back to me.