This is where I shall list my works in progress.
But, I'll also put their status up, so you know what's going on and how far along it is.
(Confusing, I know.)

In simpler terms, or more of an example:

[Insert story title here] [Insert post with its progress and other little things here]

Make sense? Good.:p
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  1. In my last adventure to the cemetary, I had a brilliant breakthrough with a plot. So, I've decided to keep it's progress up on this blog.

    It is untitled, so feel free to suggest a title for it.

    I'm puting it under the sci-fi/fantasy genre, which is pretty self explanitory.

    As for the plot...

    The main character (still unnamed), who would probably need a reason for visiting the cemetary (unlike myself who goes there just to explore xD), finds out that he can connect with the person (who has been buried) and see, vividly, their past.

    Trying to figure out what it all means, a spiritual being (which is yet to be defined) tells him that there's reason for the power being passed to him.

    A war, created by history repeating itself, is slowly appearing. But, what's even worse, not only shall every living thing cease to exist, but the world itself shall be destroyed in the process.

    The spirit also tells him that, by looking through the deceased's pasts, he can find certain events that can connect to a solution for the terrible future.

    This spiritual being has gathered three others (not human, and have been brought from the spirit's world) to help guide him through each obstacle, along with fighting against this uproar.

    It's a complete rough sketch, as it will be cleaned up in the story.:rolleyes:

    I'll keep it's progress updated on here, unless I get a blogspot. If that's the case, I'll post the link on here.

    I hope you keep up with the progress and comment as you please!