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  1. Inferno

    The flames burn with ferocious grace
    Contained within my fireplace
    The embers slip, the black log falls
    Flames clime up my chamber walls

    The carpet burns, my chair leg flares
    Demons look with red eyed glares
    My trousers catch, I still lay still
    Waiting for sweet deaths’ chill

    The flames burn, my licker falls
    The gates open, the devil calls
    The flames spread towards my chest
    Burning through my thin white vest

    My life ebbs, my heart slows
    Embers glow, deaths’ river flows
    My spirit drowns, my head spins
    I cross the gate to hells seven rings
  2. Fear

    I shall tell you of a story
    Of death, blood and devils glory
    This thing I speak of may be true
    By telling I’m condemning you
    But listen still if you please
    For I lay on you a foolish gees
    That if you tell others ask them this
    Will they take the chance? That she will miss

    It sleeps in shadow, its eyes glow red
    Its spirit wanders, its half dead
    And then again it will think
    If one with life crosses its brink
    It will lash with tendrils of a kind
    And steal that unwary persons mind

    Some say it died long ago
    I say it’s in-between, to and fro
    It has no shape, ’sound or mind
    It thinks through others of our kind
    It lives to kill and nothing more
    I should have told you this before
    That me and her walk hand in hand
    Together destroying man and land

    I have brought her to this place
    So that you will come face to face
    She is here, she has come
    That is it the deed is done