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  1. Well hello there ladies and gentlemen. Long time no blog.

    I've been doing a bit of messing around with my guitar today, and I (kinda) did a cover of You Found Me by The Fray. I say kinda because I left pieces out and such. 't is a problem of mine, I can never cover songs properly. You'll see (hear, I guess) that I've made plenty of mistakes but since I was only trying out when I made it I don't mind too much. Of course, then I'm too lazy to record a better version, ha. I edited a bit in iMovie so the thing has some sort of echo to it. I dunno, I thought it was cool.

    Anyways, tell me what you think. :)

    P.S: Please ignore my bad quality webcam AND my moronic facial expressions. Thanks.
  2. Right.... so- I thought I'd post this. It's nothing special and the guitar does kinda suck, but it would be nice to hear what you guys think about it. :)
  3. An excerpt from my diary as a 12 year old girl- extremely mean girl, too. :cool:
    I apologize for all the mistakes, and for not knowing you can't pour out mascara.

    Dearest Lotte,

    now I’ve finally given you a name, as you can hear.
    I’ve got a lot of things to tell you. The cast has been taken of my arm and it still hurts sometimes but it’s almost fully better.

    We’re busy rehearsing for a play, The Princess and The Pea. I have to be the king and I think it’s pretty stupid, but there’s nothing to be done about because I’m the only one who’s able to play that role. My robe will be made of an old red bathrobe and a fake fur coat. We’re going to cut strips of the fur coat and sew it on the bathrobe, I’m sure you know what I mean, Lotte.

    I’ve also been (not today, but this month, the 4th of May I believe) to Technopolis with my friend Marieke and her brother Simon and her parents and Melody, Salome and Jim. That are sisters and a brother of mine, remember?

    I’ve been really mad at my sisters today. They were saying something about me that wasn’t true and I started yelling and hit Salome with a shoebox on her head, exactly what she deserved.
    When they finally stopped and left I decided to pour a cup of water over her mattress but after thinking about it for a while I decided not to- she should be happy. One time I did pour water over the mattress of my other sister because I was upset at her. When she went to bed that night she felt it and when to tell mama.

    Let me tell you a few good punishments for sisters when you’re upset at them!
    Here they are:

    a.) pour water of their mattress
    b.) hide their “stuff”
    c.) shoot at them with a water gun
    d.) put toothpaste in their shoes
    e.)pour out their mascara (if they have it)

    There you go! Maybe I can think of other punishments later but now I have to go because someone’s calling me!
    Till tonight or tomorrow or another time, See you!!!!

    15th of May 2003
  4. Copied and pasted from my wordpress blog. Which is by the way totally private so you can't take a look. Ha! Well, enjoy my insanity.


    Aloha reader(s)! Okay, I know there’s only one but it’s always nice to pretend you have a whole bunch of readers and followers and people that send you emails to tell you how amazing your blog is. Yeah.

    Well, when I have more time (aka when exams are over) I’ll try to make a new blog (you heard that right) which will be public- I’ll use it to post pictures of my creations, stuff like jewelry, bakings, other little nonsensical thingies. Maybe even sell some earrings that way- at least if there are people that are willing to pay about a million for my awesome stuff. I’m sure there are! (I mean, EVERYBODY want Lydia earrings, right?)

    Okay, so, that’s what I’ll do (if I don’t fall down the stairs and break my neck or something else) when I have more time. Stay with me till then, cause I still have lots of interesting things to blog about. (yeah, sure)

    Just got back from gaming with my dad and brothers. Gaming sound cool, right? Yeah, very. Especially when that game is called Toy Home for which you need lots of skills and patience. Definitely patience. I was very patient. I mean, I only screamed like 16 times during the game… which would be like 2 times a minute, which is, like, totally normal, right?

    Of course right. I’m sorry to tell you that I lost all three games I played, though. Well, you know, actually, I just love my family so much I let them win. Of course. Gosh, I’m so sweet I think I’m gonna melt. (And I’m such a liar I’m gonna burn too and so… turn into burnt caramel?)

    Anyway. Studying has gone alright today. Did French again, of course. Lots of boring stuff of which I shall not say the name because I know it doesn’t interest you. So let’s skip that!

    I did a lot of standing in front of the stove as well, because we all know that’s very useful and rewarding (really only if you want to be warm- which I was, so no problem!).

    I have this feeling there was something else… OH! I remember. (I have such an awesome brain)

    Tomorrow the logo designing contest ends tomorrow- well, then the ten best will be picked and put up as a poll on the website. On the 25th the contest really ends, and the winner will be known. I sure feel like getting $1000 and a free Adam, so let’s hope… *dreams off*

    Yeah, well. I don’t know. The best one wins, I guess? I have no idea what the other designs look like or if they’ll like mine, so I guess it’ll remain a mystery till tomorrow- when I’ll run of to check to website and scream- either with gladness or with VERY VERY VERY big disappointment grown up accepting disappointment. And I won’t scream of course. No, not at all. I’ll just smile fakely and say I didn’t expect to win anyway.


    So, what else? Nothing? Yeah, nothing.

    Don’t cry.

    I’ll be back and tell you about my very exciting life. So exciting nobody knows about it. I mean, it’s so exciting nobody’s allowed to know about it, or I wouldn’t have any private life left- too many fans, you know.

    Anyway, I love you all and I have to go now and bring soup upstairs. Yeah. So exciting.

  5. So I should like be... rehearsing French verbs and sentences and constructing business letters but I’m pretty tired, really. And since I’m also quite sick of studying I’m going to postpone it a (very little) bit and ramble. Or you know, what I always do. Because I know you’d love to do what I did today, I won’t keep it from you any longer and tell.

    * coughs *

    Today has been a really nice day. I woke up early and had breakfast, gathered all the things I’d need and after a while left with my sister to the station (she brings me, and I her when she has to go, ‘cause we’re cool sisters like that). I couldn’t wave her goodbye though, cause lots of annoying people with huge newspapers decided to sit in front of me blocking my view. Ah well. She gave me a high five before I jumped on the train anyway.

    So there I was, lonely and abandoned (okay, not really) on my way to Brussels, and there was this guy sitting a few seats from me that I decided was an interesting object to study while rehearsing all the boringness I had to rehearse. I hope the poor man didn’t realise I was watching him, or he might have felt quite uncomfortable. I thought he looked somewhat Italian, was wearing a sky-blue shirt, he had a lightly tanned skin and black hair that was a little wavy. In his hand he held a couple of papers that every once in a while he seemed to be looking at and I wondered if he, like me, might be going to do exams. Of course, being the shy girl I am, there was no way I was going to ask him that. As I noticed the guy wasn’t very interesting really, I left him for what he was and concentrated on my papers.

    After a while I had to switch of train, and the blue-shirted guy did the same. On the train went, and finally we arrived in Brussels - where I raced towards the building I had to be, since I * ahum * had to go to the bathroom quite urgently (just in case you ever go to Belgium: the toilets in the train are pretty disgusting mostly). (Oh and by the way, I had lost track of the blue-shirt guy somewhere in the station, I hope he didn’t trip over someone’s suitcase and broke his neck...) Then I was let in the auditorium which is not as impressive as one of a theatre and also quite boring, but still pretty cool. I got to sit next to the guy I had been sitting with on my last exam and we chatted a bit (while explanation was given and we had to be silent- we’re such wicked kids) and then we could commence. Oh wait, they forgot something. How much time did we have for the test? I decided to ask and got as answer: “I don’t know.”
    Huh? Okay. The dear lady asked ME how much time I might need, and I grinned: “Two hours would be nice.”
    Guess what? Two hours we got.

    Anyway, it wasn’t very difficult and after about forty-five minutes I could go outside and breathe the free air again. I still talked a while with my neighbour-in-test while he was smoking (and I got some huge amounts of cigarette smoke in my face) but I think he was quite... well, not very interested in what I had to say cause he kept interupting me and continuing about himself. :rolleyes:

    But, home was waiting for me and so I left for the station again to see which train I needed to take. I was so very cool to buy myself some m&m’s :cool: and waited on a bench while listening to my even cooler ipod with terribly cool headphones... and then FINALLY the train arrived.

    Home! Yes, more books and papers and word documents were waiting for me. But tomorrow... * huge sigh *
    Ah well. We’re not there yet! (Except in Australia)
    So yeah... * crosses fingers * Here’s to hoping I won’t forget EVERYTHING.

    I bid you all good night.