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  1. Hold Me

    Hold me really close and let us just pretend
    That everything is perfect, and we will never end.
    Hold me really tight and whisper all your lies
    The truth is always there, embedded in your eyes.

    Hold me, darling, hold me.
    Kiss my neck again.
    Break me, darling, break me.
    I am lost without this pain.

    Breathe the essence of you
    Straight into my mouth.
    I’ll wrap my arms around you,
    Your hands will slide down South.

    We will be like animals,
    Rapid in the night.
    If it means that you will hold me,
    Darling, everything’s alright.

    For this is how you use me.
    And then I shall use you too.
    For this is how you see me
    And that’s how I see you.