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  1. I always find myself looking forward. Ever since Mom left and my dad decided that he could take care of me. It's tough. If I said it wasn't I'd be lying. But Landon was there, and he helped. He was the greatest boyfriend anyone could ever ask for.

    At first i had a hard time accepting that he was a ghost.

    Not just any ghost. He was a Seikatsu Ghost. A living ghost. He had a physical form, and he could walk around with humans. At night. During the day, he'd become uncorporeal. It's really tough to go on a date with a ghost.

    Oh and my dad didn't know about him.

    Not because he'd think i was crazy. He wouldn't. He knows about the Seikatsu, too. Except my dad exorcises them. So my dad would freak out if he knew i had dated a ghost. I'm not exactly sure why my dad exorcises them, but i know it had something to do with mom. Everything dad does has something to do with mom. That's dad. That's his motivation.

    Mom left when i was fourteen, three years ago. I don't know why. She came into my room with a duffel bag, kissed me on the cheek, and told me she loved me.

    I never saw her again.

    Dad tried calling her on my sixteenth birthday, but the only answer he got was a disconected number. Well, at least he drowned his sorrows with liquor.

    Landon showed up around that time, and i mean literally. i had just started school in New Orleans. i was the typical new girl (use your own imagination), and on my way home from school he showed up in front of me. Physically in front of me. Needless to say, i smacked into him and threw both of us to the ground.

    i stood up, apologizing rapidly. He looked freaked out. At first i'd thought that i just hadn't seen him, but later he told me that he'd materialized.

    "You were walking home at sundown", he'd tell me later.

    At the time, he just rolled his shoulders and smiled.

    "It's okay. Random girls always knock me over."

    "I so sorry. Can i make it up to you?" The reason i'd asked was that i didn't want to knock down some really hot guy and let the chance slip by. Landon had shaggy black hair and dark brown eyes. He had a bony facial structure.

    "Well, how about you buy me coffee." He smiled again.

    "Sure." i whispered, nodding at the same time. He turned around and started walking. i followed behind him. That was the start of our relationship.

    That was six monthes ago. Now i'm broken and alone. It's been a month since Landon broke off our relationship, and stopped seeing me.

    And it's been two weeks since i found his dead corporeal body burried in City Park.