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  1. I've returned to wreak havoc on the review forums, perhaps post some of my own work in the process--if any of you remember me, kudos :p
  2. ...And precious little writing.

    We all adore relationships, don't we? Here's my story:

    Dated Booze at age 17. That's a nickname, not to be taken literally. She took from me everything I knew about love. Ruined my opinion of sex. A year and change of pure Hell.

    Hooked up with Pixie on the rebound. Taught me everything I know about sex, nothing I know of love. Three months. Lost a good friend.

    Next was the Hippie. Gorgeous girl, amazing friend. Stood by me all through Booze and Pixie. Two years together, nine months living in the same apartment. Consummate love. Great sex, lots of intimacy, dedication. Then I got restless. Not ready to settle down. Found myself attracted to another good friend of mine. Got drunk on my 21st birthday, made out with her. Hippie dumped me, stole my XBox, tried to have me killed (slight exaggeration). Scratch two dear friends.

    Hooked up with the other good friend, Priest. Good for a while. Not so great in the end.

    ...And that one ended tonight, for good. Looks like I'm out three good friends. After we broke up, we tried to stay friends. We ended up friends with benefits. Then just friends. Except she still loves me.

    Recently I'm talking to this new girl. Witch. Not witch in a bad way, witch as in Wiccan. We agree on many, many things in life. Looks promising. First time in a long time I've wanted to date who I was dating without having any ulterior motives. I dated Pixie to forget Booze. I dated Hippie because I owed it to her for sticking by me. Same with Priest.

    But Witch is different. She complements me well. We'll see what happens.

    Thanks for reading.