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  1. Although I can't say I have much experience in writing, I've learned a few things. Probably the most important thing I've seen, particularly when you're trying to "find your voice", so to speak, is to go back to old works and look at what you did wrong. You may very well be making the same mistakes! I know I posted a few things here, just as practice, in order to figure out which style of writing worked out best - the grounds between my own enjoyment and the potential reader's - and I just recently went back for another look and found the comments were still extremely helpful.

    This applies to restarting an old project as well. You have the story set in your mind so well that you may miss smaller details necessary for the reader's comprehension. Going back for another look makes these so much more obvious!

    I may as well turn this into a small rant, too! That's what blogs are for, after all - rants and crying, for the most part! :p
    If someone cannot understand your work, do not assume that they are are an idiot. It is YOUR job to make sure they can follow what you wrote. If you're aiming to a certain crowd, sure, write for them. Still, I believe most of the people here are NOT dumb. If someone says something needs clarification, it probably does. Do not get angry and say that it doesn't, because of such-and-such and blame them. Writers must turn the story in all of it's aspects into words - missing key details is like forgetting to put a window into a new house, or leaving the last section of a bridge unpaved. Sometimes it's just a nuisance, but other times it can kill the story.