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  1. So what qualities make a good villain? These people (or things) can drive the plot of a story, so they do need to be well done, but what makes them good?

    First, some types-

    Pure evil- They do evil because that's what they enjoy doing. Harm and cruelty are their passion. Often found in fantasy.
    Jealous- Found in many genres, there are many villains who are not physical, but harm people in other ways, and are driven by jealousy. Common in romance.
    Monster- They want to eat you. A primal fear, but not something you can understand, much.
    Sympathetic villain- They have a GOOD reason for doing BAD things, which makes them dangerous. They may morph as the story goes on to become more evil, or may have a moment of clarity, and turn back.
    Crazy- Crazy people may do evil things, but are THEY evil? A quandary.
    Greed- The driver of many villains. Bling does terrible things to us.
    Uncaring- A creature, or thing, that just kills and doesn't care at all about who is hurt. Monsters may be this, but an asteroid, comet, or world destroying engine would more easily take this in. Look up cosmic horror. This type of villain simply doesn't care.

    What are some other types of villains? What's your favorite type of villain?
  2. So blogs are pretty cool things. Generally.

    Sadly, their special status has become too common. What was once interesting and cool, 'check out my blog,' has become a catch phrase that inspires rolled eyes, yawns, and sometimes jeers.

    What can change it back to cheers?

    Perhaps more effort put into the content. This blog post, being a first (and a last?), has the chance to inspire others. Or, like a wave coming to shore, it may end up as nothing. An ephemeral non-entity.

    Like so much of the blogosphere.

    Sharing thought, in any form, should be cherished. Instead it has become mundane, simplistic, and far too common. What passes for content is simply unedited thoughts, given and left to rot on the internet.

    We need new thoughts.

    We need better thoughts.

    We need more effort put forth to make things worthy of reading. So come, enjoy this, and many more blog posts with impunity. Share your own blog posts. Add to the content that people so willingly create, for free, and share with the world.

    Don't waste the chance to make the world better, though.