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  1. Another "Crack the Case" mystery--from the original game. (I wish someone could read one to me...I love to play this game!!)


    A man lies bleeding on the pavement. Near his body are a mint, a plate and a spent .45 caliber shell.


    Why was the man shot?

    You may ask yes or no questions. :)
  2. Another from the "Crack the Case" collection.

    A man is found unconscious on the floor. His clothing is scorched.

    What happened to the man?

    Feel free to ask any yes or no questions. :)
  3. This is an idea taken from one of my favorite board games "Crack The Case."

    You read the mystery and ask Y & N questions to solve it.

    A woman suddenly disappears from her home, leaving all of her clothes behind--even the ones she was wearing!

    What became of the woman?

    You can ask yes or no questions. :D So begin!