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  1. Not an actual coma, but I did spend a lot of time writing. I was determined to finish my 16th book. It was driving me crazy….more crazy than usual.

    When I get near the end of the book it pretty much haunts me to finish it. It’s a world needing completion. People think I am insane and I am starting to agree.

    So, with this book complete I took an updated picture of my completed novel collection.

    Viola! Image can be found through here.

    Most of the novels have 2 and from the bottom up it is through the years 2000-present time. That’s right everyone, I’ve been writing since I was 12.

    Well, good news to all that have been giving me sh** for not finishing typing up Murder Never Dies, that will now start up again with Control Me being completed.

    I am sorry if this post is short and boring, but my mind is going everywhere. I get all hyper for finishing one book and now want to finish the other so my brother can edit it since he so volunteered. Muahahahaha….he’s screwed….just kidding.

    I guess I better go put on a pot of tea and get to typing. 60k typed, hopefully less than 30k to go…shoot me.

    Thought to self…May need new hobby.
  2. Time to be all cheesy, but the past 24 hours have been great for my writing…and me too I guess.
    Since I have become sick and taking painkillers my mind has been everywhere but on my writing. My grandma told me not to worry. She always has supported me and understands me.
    Last night I decided to type up some more of my novel. It has been almost a week since I typed. Well, with the hubby’s encouragement to keep typing I have now moved on to the second part of the book. I handwrite so most of my novels take up two writing books. As my current word count displays I am sitting at just over 53k words. My goal of over 80k should be able to be managed before editing. Yippie!
    That’s not the best part of my writing day. Today I decided to go sit at Mahtay Cafe & Lounge. It’s a nice new cafe. Why did I go there? I went there for a change of place to write. I tend to get easily distracted at home, which is obvious for those that know us and our place. I managed to write over 5k words. That is a lot of handwriting in a sitting and I am damn happy. I plan to try to go there once a week to two weeks depending on how I feel.
    This book has been giving me some massive writers block and seemed to never want to let go. Plus, I need to get writing more again. It is get help at distracting me and keeping me focused all at once.
    Finally, good news with writing.
    For those that are wondering about my experiment, I have had 22 people download the 10 chapter preview from smashwords. I am curious as to how much that number will increase once it is available on different sites.
    Back to typing I go. I’m all giddy and no longer feel like torturing those that are reading this. But, if you have experienced this, let me know how it makes you feel. Does not have to be just about writing.
  3. No, seriously, I do. This is no joke. Endings are just as painful as beginnings. You cannot just end up a book with “And they lived happily ever after”. Never going to happen.
    Let me tell you, this book is being pain-in-the-butt. I can see where it is going, but then it just stops when it comes to how to officially end the novel. Happy? Sad? Ambiguous?
    Damn! All of them are good options that work with Control Me. I swear, I do this to myself every time. After 11 years one would think I would have learnt by now to not do this, but nope, I have not.
    It’s just so hard! I am so close to the end and all I see is “blank”. If there were enough swear words to express this feeling properly, insert it now. For having book outside of my norm it is doing well…in my eyes. I am biased because I like my books….at times.
    The ending needs to live up to the hype of the book. No worries, the hype is for myself only, no pressure. It has to flow. I cannot just insert a happy ending if it feels like it is tainting the plot.
    Alas, I may have to harass friends to answer the question: “How should I end my novel?”
    If anyone knows, let me know. If not, prepare for the contained anger of the book soon. I hope. The book may take more time than I want to finish, but that is another issue.