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  1. imma newcomer here soo heres one of the poems i wrote, please comment and leave any tips or whatever :]..its called Time

    Tick Tock, Tick Tock
    What is time?
    Time is an Illusion
    As time runs out,
    As every second goes by
    We never realize...

    When your time is almost up
    You start to think...
    Why did i do that?
    You may reflect and may regret
    You never really know
    Till its time to go
    When its too late

    As your last seconds go by
    You may tell your secrets...
    Say your goodbyes...
    Until its time to die

    Slowly you feel your eyes close
    As you drift into a permenate sleep
    Death welcomes you
    As you cower and fight
    Not ready to leave

    But Death is smart. Cunning
    And lets you fight
    Leaves you to struggle against an impossible battle
    You feel yourself growing weaker...
    As Death mocks you

    You then accept your fate
    And admit you have lost
    For your time has run out
    And you have no energy to spare

    The warm embrace calms you
    And you realize and accept
    Sometimes Death knows best
    That time doesnt matter anymore...
    Not a minute. Not a second.
    Because your time is Gone.