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  1. I'm starting to lean more and more to the Gnostic atheist stance instead of the agnostic atheist stance I had before. I didn't want to do so on the premise of "how can you truly know for sure? It's downright pompous to say so," but as science advances more and more (particularly in the fields of evolution, cosmology, and abiogenesis), the need for gods and magic shrink considerably and it shows how obvious religion is man made. Ignorance, a need to have a purpose in life, and the feeling of justice for the evil ones in life and rewards for the good (aka the "just world hypothesis") are pretty much why people believe in gods, magic and the supernatural.

    You guys can watch these two video series for a better understanding:

    The Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism -- Complete Series

    Refuting the Irrefutable Proof of God- Ongoing Series
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