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  1. I have lived in Poland for the last two months after moving from Canada. Why am I here? Because univeristy is free if you're a Polish citizen. My sister had to do student loans in Canada and she'll be paying them off for years to come. My mother didn't want that for me, so here I am, somewhat against my will, I may add.

    Without further ado...


    -Living on my own is amazing. I am not exactly independent as I rely on my parents for money, but I am free to do whatever I like otherwise. Probably the biggest plus for being here. :)

    -I have two adorable rats named Pandora and Alice. :love: If I lived back home in Canada my mother would not have allowed me to have any pets.

    -The food here is cheap, tasty, and apparently more organic than in Canada

    -My whole family (aside from my parents and siblings) live here.

    That's about it, which is pretty pathetic. Haha.


    Do I understand Polish? About 75% of it.
    Do I speak Polish? Very minimally. My tongue is non-existent whenever people try to force me to speak the language, though. Ugh.
    Do I read or write Polish? No.

    The fact that I am not bilingual is the biggest issue I have to face. And I am not sure that I'll be able to overcome my fear of speaking the language. :/

    -Everything here is expensive (besides the food, as I've mentioned)

    -I have no friends here (aside from this one guy who is also Canadian but I don't like him too much) so I can go days without speaking to anyone in real life. I am pretty much a lone wolf anyway, but this is a tad...extreme.

    -University is apparently quite challenging here. And why am I taking English Philology if I am already a native English speaker?!

    If my sister lived with me, this would be a wonderful situation. But right now I feel a little strange, to put it lightly. When my dad buys me a computer (this week?!) I'll feel a whole lot better.

    Help me. o_o
  2. My sister flew to Poland from Canada a week ago. :D No one has any idea how happy this makes me, and I'm not one to display any sentimentality, so she'll never know. I try not to think about the fact that she'll be leaving in another week...

    She's concerned about how I'm managing to live on my own and I insist that everything is fine. And it is, but I do get a little lonely sometimes. It's not that I'm a chatterbox or anything, but it's strange talking to no one but my rats all day. The one guy I know here who speaks English isn't someone I could see myself being all buddy-buddy with. :/

    Once university starts I guess I'll find some friends? The people in my classes should be able to communicate with me since we're taking English Philology. Gah, I don't know. My dad wants me to move to England for university and that option seems quite appealing right now.

    Oh my god, I want to go see Auschwitz-Birkenau here in Poland but it costs so much money. WWII is my favourite era in history with the Holocaust being of special interest. I will go one day or else. Haha, I'm threatening myself. o_o

    I'm counting the days until I have a laptop! Everything will be much more tolerable then.
  3. I am at my aunt's place again. I think it was nice of me not to visit her two days in a row, don't you? ;D She always tells me I can come every day but I would feel terrible if I did that. I mean, all I do here is play their computer, eat their food, and leave without contributing anything. I can't even talk to them as my Polish speaking skills are very limited. If I were bilingual my life here would definitely be much easier. The next time I'll visit will be Thursday, I suppose. I would have liked to come on Friday so I could watch Pandora Hearts but apparently my headphones don't work with their computer? I guess that means I shall have to be reacquainted with internet cafes. D:

    I frown upon the cruelties of life...

    Also, everytime I write something it never lives up to my expectations. Maybe I'm too critical, but I feel like the words on the page are absolutely horrid. I think my writing is much better when it's typed and not hand written, but this could just be denial.

    The thing is, I'll be a failure if I'm not good at writing. I don't have anything else to fall back on. All my life I've wanted to be a writer; everyone who knows me insists that this dream will come true.

    But what does anyone know about anything, really?

    I am also concerned about my rat Alice. She keeps sneezing/snuffling. Hopefully she doesn't have mycoplasmosis. It's dormant in all rats but if she has an active outbreak it'll be really bad. Vets in Poland...don't seem too knowledgeable. They couldn't even sex my cousin's kitten properly. She's a girl, not a boy!

    I'll stop here. Tomorrow I'm going to Empik for a reading binge. Maybe I'll be inspired...
  4. I'm not sure that I'll have anything to write here, as I actually keep a diary in a notebook. Whatever thoughts I have are jotted down there. Writing them again here would be redundant.

    I'll think of something to type though. I tend to rant about things a lot. Heh. :)

    I think it's a good idea to have some kind of record of your past, so you can see what affected you on certain days.

    Right now I'm at my aunt's place, hogging their computer since I don't have one of my own. It's either leeching off them or paying at an internet cafe; this option is much better. For me, not them. Heh. ;)

    I can't wait for episode 20 of Pandora Hearts this Friday. I read the manga chapter today because I couldn't resist; however, I am not letting myself read any more. We'll see how that goes. Must...resist...spoilers!
    Oh God it's gonna be wonderful.
    Drunk!Gil ftw. :love: I love any and all moments between him and his, er, master. Hee.

    I have nothing against Alice; in fact, one of my new rats is named after her. It's just that I don't want her to be with Oz, is all. Oh, and Ada is a goddamn mary sue who needs to go away and not come back. I adore Elliot a lot, as far as new characters go. I find him very attractive. That beauty spot..*o*
    Lotti is fairly interesting as well. That is all. ._.

    What I'm listening to: Oz's character song. It's a new obsession of mine. -happy sigh- I can't wait for english lyrics to pop up somewhere!