Just a small blog that I may not update often to help me track my writing endeavors.
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  1. Can't believe I made an account here nearly 5 years ago. It's crazy how different you feel after just that small amount of time. I am a wife now, a mother and all that. Crazy.
  2. I know I need to post some samples of my work for peer critiques, but I'm afraid to post. I'm afraid that someone will steal my work.

    Now of course I'm not arrogant enough to think that my meager stuff is worth stealing but it would be devastating none the less if I picked up a book someday, somewhere that had a passage of my work in it.

    I think this comes from the fact that I am an artist and I've had my paintings stolen before. People on the internet are not afraid of copyright infringement. Not in the slightest.

    So I'm not sure what to do.

    Any thoughts?
  3. It's so hard to concentrate on writing when your stomach is rumbling around like a bear in a campsite.

    Trying to lose some weight though so I need to nix the food thing.

    In other news...I'm about to settle down and write a little bit. So far so good; I've written a page or two a night for the past 3 nights. I think I'm progressing steadily but slowly. The slow part I believe is because I keep editing as I go along. Instead of my words flowing freely and quickly, I find myself agonizing about every sentence. Very unusual for me.
  4. Perhaps I have confused myself over the past few days but everything I have read has told me to be wary of writing in the first person.

    Of course my first serious attempt at a novel is in what? First person PoV of course.

    The problem is that I feel totally comfortable in this PoV. It is very helpful to me especially when writing dialogue.

    So I am going to progress forward in first person. Hopefully this won't undo me.