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  1. I couldn't have predicted 2010. What started as forever ended in heart break...and the unfortunate gain of 7 pounds thanks to that aforementioned heart beating. Small town girl meets small town boy, dates him her entire life, marries him young...and then, well... it falls apart.

    Traveling through the holidays alone wasn't easy, but I have to say New Years Eve quickly became my least favorite holiday. As I sifted through my various invites from all my coupled up friends I tried my best to not fall back into a "I can't believe it's over" funk, but try as I may it still happened. Why go sit with all my coupled, married friends, reminiscing about the past, taking that gut punching stroll down memory lane back to a time when he and I were just like them? We have the same friends, we've run in the same circle our whole lives...I couldn't take the risk. I declined the invites.

    As I sat in my apartment alone this evening, sipping wine and flipping through the various New Year's specials on TV I made a promise to myself: I'm making 2011 my year. First things first, I'm forgetting about him and all of the broken promises and the life we once shared. I'm moving forward. It's time to do the things I've always wanted to do. Getting out of this town will be a start, but I have one more dream I want to achieve this year as well. He said "getting published is an unrealistic dream". I'm thinking 2011 is the year to prove him wrong.

    Goodbye 2010, goodbye to my broken marriage, goodbye to the hurt and the pain, and hello to 2011 and all the exciting things coming my way.