Holds information about my publications from 2008-2011. More up-to-date information, plus general blogging, can be found at theresearkenberg.blogspot.com
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  1. "The Queen's Arrival" to the Lorelei Signal (January 2009 issue)

    They wait on the shores of the river for her. She will help them cross...but who is she, and why must they cross the river?

    Image: Illustration by Chaz Kemp.

    (As of January 2010, the story has been removed from the archives and is no longer available on the site. Look for it soon in the AnthologyBuilder database!)
  2. Two in one day! What a whammy! :D

    I'll add links as soon as I get them.

    'The Opening' to Raven Electrick (April/May 2009)
    A choice of betrayal.

    'Fortune Cookie' to Kaleidotrope (October 2008 edition)
    Celestia Munroe learns a few things about life after her first date with an alien.

    Rich Horton's summary of Issue #5 calls it "sweet short piece about a potential love affair with an alien".

    Bill Ward's review says this "surreal conversation piece...has the reader juggling possibilities ranging from alien encounters to mental illness."

    A 2-year subscription for Kaleidotrope, of 4 issues, is $16 (US and Canada) or $25 (International) and single issues are $4 (US & Canada) and $6.50 (International).
  3. As the description of this blog says, this is my place to list publishing credits, writing contests, and anything else I suceed at in the writing world. Because I like to brag, and because I need somewhere to keep track of these.

    Up until now, these are my credits (with links if they apply).

    'The Wayab's Tower', MindFlights (Febuary 28& 29, March 2008)
    During a sudden storm, travelers are terrified to discover who will be sharing their rain shelter with them. But an old woman remembers that the feared Ahu'a Henem Balam was not always to be feared...

    'Sorceress of Avalo', Byzarium (March 2008)
    Going to a sorceress' tower with a knife...for what purpose?

    'Underground', The Harrow (June 2008)
    Where did Joshua disappear to for four months, and why does he have such a fascination with ants?


    --'What's a demon for?', OddCon Youth Prose Poem/Flash Fiction contest (www.oddcon.com/winners.html)

    Fame is not far now.
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