Holds information about my publications from 2008-2011. More up-to-date information, plus general blogging, can be found at theresearkenberg.blogspot.com
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  1. Jenes Inarya wants to experience everything, and quite frankly, she doesn't think she can live life to the fullest in the time she's been allotted. A search through lore and legend from the Eight Immortals of Chinese myth to the Garden of Eden finally leads her to what she seeks--across the galaxy, to the planet of Arak. By eating food prepared from Arak's immortal plants, Jenes can alter her metabolism and gain eternal life. In her case, it’s a cup of palm wine. A real aqua vitae. But the prospect of eternal life quickly causes more problems than it solves. Betrayed by her friends, haunted by the prospect of death for everyone she knows, lacking direction, and apparently pursued by the Arakians who made her immortal, Jenes must come to terms with her choice and learn how to live when she will live forever.

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  2. My short story "The Loving and Keeping of Wolves" is in WolfSongs 2 from WolfSinger Publications.

    She had studied his movements for weeks, and one mist-shrouded morning Tamsa came to the clearing where she knew he would be. He kept the wolfskin there, hidden in the brush around the clear spring. It took her a little time to find it, but she had watched him on many occasions before, studying where he dug for the folded skin and then, when he had changed back, the bundle of his clothes. She remembered where to look.

    With the skin in her arms, its marked face pressed to her breast, she crawled back into the thick undergrowth and waited.
  3. "Following the Mercy Man," a dark post-apocalyptic story (as opposed to a bouncier, happier post-apocalypse) will be published in the first issue of new magazine Comets and Criminals.
  4. "The Godslayer's Wife" appears in issue #71 of BCS.

    Reviewer JesterJoker writes, "In Beneath Ceaseless Skies, I read this, about a woman rescued from a goddess of death and the nightmares of the hero who saved her. It's fascinating to see the aftermath, weird suggestions of a wider world inside it, and the victory over the goddess's disturbing powers."
  5. A shorter version of "Lord Shashensa" has been published on the Nevermet Press website.

    It is also available in the ebook anthology, Stories in the Ether: Issue One.
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