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  1. You told me I could fly
    With these wings of glass
    I aimed for heaven in these skies
    And as I spread these wings
    They mirrored how you desperately
    Wanted me to succeed.
    Leaving a heaven in disguise,
    Where you were always stood right next to me.

    You should have known
    These wings are sharp.
    You should have known
    How they’d cut you up.

    I should have stepped away from you,
    But couldn’t.
    We should have never dreamed,
    That I would fly.

    These wings were too heavy for me anyway,
    Who can fly with wings of glass?
    These wings are blood-covered dreams,
    Who can dream in stains of blood?
    We chased dreams as blind fools,
    Forgetting what it means to dream.
    It means something is giving you hope,
    That was you, and I cut you up.

    Dreams will cost you, don't forget the dreams you're living.
  2. Your face is something blank,
    Are you hoping to be painted
    An expression by someone
    Who’s somehow less lost as we are.

    I am awake and feeling sleepy,
    I’m alive but feeling drained,
    Dreams I had were proven worthless,
    Now I’m just living by the day.

    I feel satisfied and peaceful,
    That took me all the strength I had.
    It felt horrible when emptied,
    From all the hopes and dreams I had.

    All the values that you pursue
    and all the people that you love
    They’re needed as foundations,
    but when their grounds shake, all is lost.

    Your face is much like mine,
    Both our grounds shake, crammed with vultures,
    Our dreams will fall one at a time,
    Until they’ve all gone down in ruptures.

    All we want is everything,
    What we need is satisfaction.
    If you’re at peace with this nothing,
    Then you’ll be in power, like I am.
  3. Was it always ther
    That look in your eyes
    The smile on your face
    The way you’re amazed
    By the smallest things
    Surrounding you
    You understand beauty
    Don’t you?

    Can you teach me
    Can you make me feel
    So alive
    and real?
    Can you teach me
    Can you make me see
    The wonders of life
    and it's beauty,

    How could I’ve missed
    All the small things
    That make you remember
    What life really is.
    To breathe cold air
    Touch melting snow
    To watch leaves fall
    And your smile come and go

    Can you teach me
    Can you make me feel
    So alive
    and real?
    Can you teach me
    Can you make me see
    The wonders of life
    and it's beauty,

    As I speak your name
    It becomes the past
    As I hold your hand
    I understand
    This is what its all about
    Your hand in mine we will grow old
    Watching that around us go, and be
    In respect for all it’s beauty.

    The way time flows through
    Increases the value
    Of all your surroundings
    It lives and it leaves
    And don’t you loose hold of it
    Don’t you forget
    How you are as those things
    Temporary and breathing.


    Simplicity is underrated, and what's usually deemed simple and normal becomes special if you look at it from another point of view
  4. This is the curse of all angels
    As a mere puppet of your god,
    She can’t be seen as more than a symbol
    Of purity of no avail.
    As a pointless but beautiful thought.

    She’s powerlessly in between
    The arbitrary might of Him,
    Combined with ticking time.
    And shielding those under her wings,
    From horrors of reality.

    Still through her feathers will shine truth.
    Pessimism will make her see
    She’s incapable of saving you,
    From the horrors that will be.

    The pointless fight will drain her faith.
    Will rip her wings and halo.
    In her fall, her last hope fades,
    And we lost another angel.


    About good intentions and a good heart in a world with too much flaws and a harsh reality