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  1. i had a dream last night,
    of being there with you.
    Your arms were warm around me,
    strong yet gentle too.

    I saw your soul,
    deep in your eyes.
    Someone was there,
    but it wasnt a surprise.

    My name was written across it,
    my eyes were looking out.
    There in your precious soul,
    my love a home had found.

    It filled my heart with warmth,
    enough to keep us both.
    There it was nourished,
    within the soul loves grows.

    I woke up wishing,
    wanting it to be true.
    I know you live in mine,
    and I long to live in yours too.
  2. No one is happy all the sum ppl feel as if they cn nver find happiness..sum feel as if their entire lyf is devoted to nthng but pain,hurt nd loneliness..everyday is a struggle,nd every breath is a fight for survival..thse ppl have a deep understanding of the wrd..."depression"

    but i consider it sumthng same like sleepng..eatng..breathng..or umm all of our other routine habbits dat are essential for our lives..depression,now-a-days is indeed veryy common perticularly in teenagers..nd i think i can say dat pretty confidently after passing my five years of teenage life..depression can be a form of either jealousy..or loneliness..comparision...or sum kinda complex..umm it may be an after-effect of extra most f the time..its just a feelng u get wen ure bored nd got nothng to do..or it may simly be referred as teenage syndrome!! :p

    another problm with most teenagers is dat they thnk they're not babies anymore..nd they know evrythng,,nd dey're always ryt..i had dat kind ofattitude..(A) maybe i still do..but ure actually grown up once u feel dat ure not.wen prblems have no solution..wen messed up means really realllyy messed up! :p wen tears mean so mch more than just crying nd wen happiness is not just an expression! in simple words wen mama is needed everytym desperately :p (A)

    i always thought m strong..nd have the ability to handle situations :p haha asual me over ti nd i was wrng :S

    nd as i was alwayss complemnted as being 'influential' nd 'persuasive' i had in mind dat dealng with all kinds f human being is my thng :p lyk m pretty good in communicating no mtter hw the person communicated to is :p

    well i was always told dat m lucky :p nd more dan once infact i actually feltt it a lott f tmes..whether it be reguardng family..frnds..or studies..or jst ureself :p

    i thought life for me would be much for easier dan for the rest of my-aged pple :S tho i have no reason or explanation for it :p

    i know i sound a little self obsessed :p nd proud..but those who know me know very well dat tho m too concerned about my priority is always my family nd frnds..den the people around me!caring for ure own self nver neccessarily mean dat one is selfish :p (H)

    i just like loving things nd makng it perfect!nd yes it is my favourite word..i want everythng to be 'perfect'

    ndd yes for me almost everythng is..! :)

    obviously i don get everything i desire of..nor m i the prettiest or the richest in the wrld...neithr the smartest or the most intellignt..there r still a lot f thngs i wish to chnge nd a lot f prblems ive got in life nd still theres a part f my life dats messed up nd the othr part all blurred! but wen i thnk happiness is in strugglng i like figurng thngs out..m used to f my prblems nd they keep me active :p i like to know! nd m always ready to learn>>no..not from others :p onlyy nd strictlly frm my deeds..dats a secret!

    i do regret..soo manyy thngs dat i did..nd i know i would do later sumtmes nd eventho m aware i cant dominates I :(

    but i try to make it btter evrytym..ii pretnd as if i don care wen actually i do! soo ive got everythngg to call my life lacks.. NOTHNG..nd as far as m happy wid it..tenu ki farak painda ey :p (A)

    i enjoy wen ppl around me r happy..but i njoy more wen they cry (6)u know den i can mke dem smile nd dey feel btter..nd i feel gud! haha.nd yea sum pple look realllyyy reallly nive wen they cry nd lets not talk about thse who doesnt (A)

    umm..i like annoyng pple..nd i still love to play..there is literally noage group i cant njoy wid..conditioned they're not lazy :p

    starting wid new born till the nani dadis :p all r fun.. brouhaha u may have ure worst day wid the veryy aged ones but its always fun wen u thnk about it later :p nd now i thnk ive passed my days f feels good to see dat thngs r actually happening in ure life..U r a sumone..nd dat pple care for u..they know U..for the person u r..nd no more 'abid ki beti' nd 'ilyas ki potti' :p

    it feels good thnking about the past nd the mistakes u did..hehe..nd the once embarassng moments are now some funny days f ure life..nd the thng u nver wnted anyone to know now u ure self share it wid all nd laugh out loud....i wnder how one can chnge so mch..u remain the same sumthng chnges..the way u feel..u thnk..well u just grow up!

    nd now wen i spare my mind frm the past..the wonderful memories wid frnds..the sweetest momnts wid family..nd my childhood..i see my future..tho i cnt see it clearly..but i believe.i stronglly believe dat I can make it bettr....

    life finds it own way out..u only have to me ure a loser if u complain..the secret ingredient is smile..nd life cooked healthyy nd tastyy all ready to be served! ;)

    i wishh all the veryy bestt to all f uus!

    i hope each one f us learn to live happily wid wat we've got nd not askng for more..
  3. i ws cold nd hurtng..lost out in the nyt..wandering nd searching..for heaven's light!
    i saw the night sky clearing..wen u spread ure rainbow wings..but never did i noo..wot joy u would bring..!so a lonng tym agoo a frndshyp did start..u kissed away my tears..nd sheltered my heart..
    i bless the day u came 4rm above..for all the happiness u gave nd the feeling of being l0ved...
    I told you this feeling..nd wot did u say..?
    u liked our frndshypp nd dats only hw it would stay!I cried for a friendship I thought I lost
    But then felt your warm, gentle hand...u den whispered in my ear dat by my side 4ever u'll stand!
    but this was yet still a frndship..unbearable nd unsatisfying..i hadd to leave u for doinng nothing..nd unwantnglyy said a gudbye..i still search for ure footsteps..i wait all the time..i sayy i donn want to.,.but secretllyy i wishh for u back in my life..!
  4. I never knew there would be a better tomorrow But you've come into my life and taken away all my sorrow My days of sadness are a thing of the past Because I have found true love at last My days of emptiness are gone for good Because you fill a void in my heart that you should You've opened a window You've shown me the light And my love for you will continue to burn bright... I Love You!!
  5. My tears rolling down my cheeks

    in the ocean they lay..

    But nothing u can see,

    My pointless conversations

    and the emptiness in my voice..

    Thre's nothing u can feel,

    My stare at the clock

    and the hours dat i wait..

    There's nothing u know,

    My heart dat turned black

    and stopped pumping..

    But nothing suffocated u,

    My lonely World

    wid darkness all around..

    Yet htere's nothing u can do!

    once my strength

    ure love is now my weakness..

    wid da cut so deep , lyk da one in my heart..

    I walk away ..

    and wid my once 'perfect' life I move on..

    I move on..

    so dependent on u dat alone i can't be,

    Love u so much dat hatred there can't be,

    Trust u wid my most nd u play wid it..m now left loosing it all

    one we were..u made two

    lost is a lot but no time to search..

    forgetting all good and bad I accept as it comes,

    The Death Of Emotions,

    The Death Of Desires,

    The Death Of Needs,

    The Death Of Wants,

    The Death Of Feelings,

    The Death Of Pain,

    The Death Of Trust,

    I welcome as it comes..

    The Death Of Love..