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  1. Hey, I'm NateDoggy

    I figured I start simple, I dunno what is going to be posted in this blog but fair warning, it'll be controversial, I gurantee it. I will express my feelings and it will be controversial, nothing bad, but you get the picture.

    I'm 18, I'm going to Akron University to be a teacher and an English MAjor, I hope to be both a teacher and a writer when I graduate.

    I joined this site for positive feedback, in hopes of becomign a better writer.

    What else, I guess the last thing is what do I want to do, in 10 years I hope to be married to the most beautiful girl ever and have 5 kids (preferrably daughters and yes I am a guy I want daughters). I hope my family is close knit and we can talk and share and get along. I want to be a first grade teacher, and I want to be a writer. Tahts's all downhill from here.