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  1. Hi, I want to write a novel for a video game that I help program. I won't include anything about the plot of the game in this forum, but I think you might enjoy hearing some opinions I've cooked up as preparation for it. I might also discuss writing style and other things as I'm writing the novel..

    I read the Hunger Games series last year, and I liked it because of its characters, realism, and originality. I think that it was a great book, however it doesn't have a rich background. The writer went into interesting depth with the characters. It had a good plot too, but the plot only had "one layer". So I guess, if you get an idea for a novel, you should probably make sure that the idea leads to an interesting plot with background aspects deeply buried under the surface of your words.

    I've cooked up a very intricate plot... This is going to be good!