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  1. So I'm new, I really like making friends and writing. In fact this is where most of my poems and short stories will be. Only because I want certain people to read it.

    Also I love taking pictures of scenery and people. Sometimes even ideas. Most scenery and myself though. Yes I LOVE taking pictures of myself. I am very vain. Infact I probably have over a thousand pictures of myself. The only sad part about it is that I take really great and beautiful pictures of myself, but I still say that I am not beautiful.

    Besides my writing and pictures, I have depression. My depression controls my life. Sometimes it doesn't show, but other times I'm so depressed that you'd think I was in the most horrible situation ever. But do not fear, because all I really need is someone to write a poem with me and maybe a small hug and I should be a little bit better.

    That's another thing. I love writing poetry with people. Sometimes when I am stumped on what to write about I ask a friend to start a poem and I channel in the feelings from that first verse and I add in what I am feeling. It really gets me thinking. I believe when I do this my poetry is enhanced times 100.

    Poetry is my number one line of defense against depression. But lately I have had so much on my plate that I am overwhelmed and can't write at all. But like I said, writing with a friend helps me find my creative juices again.

    So besides writing with friends, I love to game. I am a gamer. Haha, if you play Pokemon, prepare to be defeated because I am QUEEN at it. I have level 100s and level 70s, 80s, 90s, 60s, 50s and well all levels really. I have beat the elite four so many times. :p Maybe we can game together sometime? :D

    So that is pretty much it about me. I am petite, down to earth, selfishly selfless. I love everyone and I can be your next best friend forever. Message me!