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  1. I was never much a fan of Blogs. Up until now. I've joined this forum to write more and since I've been unable to sit down with my computer for more than a few games of Snood in the last few months, I will force myself to do so here. Notwithstanding are the following three motivators: I live in the middle of nowhere, I seem to be locked out of the campus pool, and the cats are both crashed out in different parts of the house.

    I imagine myself with one of those diamonds above my head, like the Sims have. The color of my diamond represents my wellness. When I woke up this morning, my diamond was a pale kind of brownish-yellow. Not too well, I'm afraid. I drank a glass of water; my diamond turned a brighter yellow. I walked to the pool, excited to swim for the first time in several years;my diamond turned a pale lime green. The door was locked; my diamond turned brown, but then as I walked home, enjoying the sunshine, it turned green once more. As I sit before my computer, I imagine my wellness-diamond to be a rich shade of emerald green. Sound sappy? Yes, but lately I have left behind my angst and sarcasm and in it's wake, have embraced the power of positive thinking. I'm past my 25th birthday. I'm too old for such self-induced drama.

    Although I am locked out of the pool for today, I am reflecting upon the merits of wearing a swimsuit instead of a shirt. It's a tank suit, don't worry, I'm not trying to stroke my ego. I find the open back to allow for a refreshing amount of air flow. Whilst doing dishes, I do not have to worry about getting wet. Last but not least, it doubles as a moisture-wicking, fast drying athletic top, so I don't even have to change when I leave to make the two mile hike to the Farmer's Market! :)