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  1. aaaghh, I'm gonna hate being a part of the choir this year. Basically the songs we're doing this year are pathetic, and only eight!!!

    We're doing:

    *Battle Hymn of the Republic
    *April Showers
    *Newyork Newyork
    *Clap your Hands
    *Scarborough Fair
    *Kind of Hush
    *Love changes everything

    whereas last year we had fabulous songs.....which included Tales of the Vienna Woods, Matchmakee Matchmaker and Wooden Heart.......!!

    Thank God, I'm a soprano so I can still enjoy the high notes, I feel sorry for the Altos and the Middle group though....
  2. So the other day, some girls in our class were talking about some guys. One of the girl just said that the guys are "katu". Just then some Muslim girls walked in and heard a part of the conversation. Unfortunally the part they heard was "katu"........which apart from being a slang is also taken as a bad word against the Muslims and they started dramaticising the whole scene, there was hell lot of confusion and stuff in our class and.......

    Why is it, that even after 60 years of independence........we STILL can't accept the fact that all Indians ARE brothers and sisters in humanity? Why does the Hindu-Muslim debate crop up, every single time? Can't we just learn to live together according to what the Constitution says-that India is a social, democratic and SECULAR nation? Is it so hard?

    Why is it that, even though it's 60 years now, the SCs/STs and OBCs STILL need reservations? At university level. Spoiling the general classes chances? Where a general klass kid has got 97%, he won't get in cos that seat had been reserved for a 55% SC/ST. Why can't hep be given at root level. Or fine giv reservations, but at least consider merit.

    India is RULED by democracy, but the people who're doing it ill are cutting the reins of this democracy. People don't know unity. That is why, we people DO form India, we're ctizens of India, but we can NEVER be th heart and soul of India and can't BE India, until we learn to live together.
  3. *I hate him because he does his hair the same way every day even though I've always told him, it attracts wrong attention.

    *I hate the way, everytime he talked to me, it'd make me weak in the knees and want to hug him tightly.

    *I hate the way he would drive a bike with a fake license, cos he was underage and make me worry at all times for his safety.

    *I hate the way I would catch him staring at me in his fascinating manner when he thought I wasn't watching, making me believe for one moment that what we had was really love.

    *I hate the combat boots you wore, which would make my feet appear like a baby's when I was standing next to him.

    *I hate the way you read my mind and would always say what I wanted to before I had a chance.

    *I hate the way you would not be a typical guy, never ran away when I wanted to discuss girl problems, but were sweet enough to sit behind and discuss, and always turn out to be right.

    *I hate the way, you could lie, and make me want to believe when you told me I was the most amazing girl in the world.

    *I hate the way you could make me smile, and never give up trying, even though you know, smiling wasn't as easy as laughing when watching his ex-girl-f and my ex-best-f, flirt with him.

    *I hate the fact that you watched me fall in love and then made me cry,,, finally making me believe love did not exist.

    I hate it now that you're not around, yet hate you too cos you can't say I'm sorry, instead of just regretting having kissed another chick in front of me.

    *I hate the fact that you didn't have the guts to call then and make amends rater then let some b***** poison my mind against you.

    *I hate the fact that you always seemed oblivious to all that girls whispered around us behind our backs and didn't mind even if you knew,,,,something ranging worse than calling me a s***.

    *But mostly I hate the way, that you've taken over my heart, body and soul, and I can't seem to forget or hate you, as much as I want to....

    Cos I guess somewhere deep down I still believe, I still hope, we could be....together.