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  1. The first book I read was 'Grandpa's Stories' when I was 6 and soon I read 'Jataka Tales','Panchatantra','Best Stories for Chidren' and so on. I loved to read so my dad suscribed for 'Champak' which gave 24 issues yearly. Then one day I started watching 'Justice League' and then in between my exams had started. I was unable to watch it for 15 days. Then the day the exams got over I switched on the T.V. at 5:00 p.m. sharp hoping to watch the good old 'Justice League' but no there was a new serial called 'Pokemon'. It was the first episode of Pokemon. At the end of each episode I would imagine myself dropping from nowhere meeting Ash, battling him and then battling him and Brock at the same time. This was the start of my imagination. I started watching Beyblade, Transformers, Digimon, Duel Masters and doing the same and then started DragonballZ. It was a brilliant serial for me and the best among all. Then I was told of a chanell called 'Hungama' and there I watched Doraemon which boosted my imagination more. I played some computer games which boosted my imagination more like Warcraft III and Little Fighter. I had already started writing poems and got appreciation.
  2. Hi All! My name is Nikhil and I am 12. I belong to India. I am a bit show-off and have little patience with things except computers. I write for my heart's content not to get them published.