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  1. It was a fabulous moment or so i thought. The joy and ululations that characterize the union of a man and woman in holy matrimony is simply phenomenal, a spectacle to behold, an enviable moment. As i sat among the expectant congregation, witnessing these momentous occasion, I couldn’t help but marvel at how ironic life is and how indifferent human beings are! Here were two people confessing their supposed undying love to each other and making vows that neither of them intends to keep.6 months down the line, the nagging starts, the man is always working late, suspicion abounds, sex becomes routine, whining and complaining becomes the order of the day and damage control a permanent feature. The big question is,” what is it with marriage?” what makes two seemingly happy people want to go at each others throat? Is it a case of getting priorities wrong or the allure of regular sex? It is said that change is the only constant thing in the world. Simply put, if we can’t put up with the demands of marriage, then it is time we became honest to ourselves and change the system! My thoughts were rudely interrupted by "u may now kiss the bride" and to be sincere, human beings are the best pretenders in the world!
  2. The more I think about it, the more I fail to understand the hold that love has on our lives. Since time immemorial, love has been a universal pre-occupation. Its hold has grown in leaps and bounds over the years and has in its wake whipped into submission even the most powerful of men. More often than not, am tempted to wonder why love has this strong hold on humanity. Why it renders even the strongest of warriors helpless. Is it an unexplainable force? Or is it simply a fabrication of the mind? What makes love such an ever present feeling? These unanswered questions set me into the world of reflection, a world where I had to critically examine myself. My sojourn in this world did not bear any meaningful fruits as all I got were more questions than answers. What I had initially hoped would provide me with the necessary answers, only left me begging for more questions.
    Love, as I came to understand, is a strange feeling. Its genesis confounds even the learned of minds. Great men and women have become victims of this wonderful, but equally, potentially life ending indulgence. Its anonymity knows no bounds. It aint a respecter of any particular individual neither is it a slave of status. The feeling that love evokes in us is phenomenal, a wonderful experience. It has served to bring the best in us as well as bring out the worst in us. Many horrible and unimaginable atrocities have been committed all in the name of love, marvelous and unseen manifestations of goodwill have been made possible all in the name of love. What makes love such a two edged sword? What makes it such an amazing and equally dangerous feeling? Love, in its own right, is a good thing. It brings out the best in us and serves to make us better people. It makes the world a better place to dwell in so far as peaceful and harmonious co-existence is concerned.
    What can I say about love? Love is arguably the best feeling to have ever happened to me (at least once to everyone). When I look back, I can’t help but marvel at the very first time I fell in love. The feeling was simply out of this world. At that particular time, nothing else seemed to matter. It was as if the world came to a halt and all that mattered was your object of desire. You wake up every morning looking forward to seeing the awesome beautiful face, wishing that the feeling would last forever and that you will be resigned to an eternal life of happiness and bliss. The opposite, unfortunately, happens. Your dreams are rudely interrupted as u awakens from the world of sweet dreams to come face to face with the monster of disappointments. Life, without warning, takes that familiar path of emptiness and hollowness. You start questioning the unquestionable and find comfort in hatred. Your bubble is popped and with it comes crushing your dreams to the cold floor of reality. The writing is finally on the wall and the theater of dreams turns into an object of ridicule. It’s at this point that you become helpless; you lose hope and become disillusioned. The bitter and painful lesson becomes so clear in your mind. LOVE AINT A RESPECTER OF WISHES!
  3. There are times in life you get to a certain stage and think you are done with some feelings/emotions.This is because you no longer feel anything worthy of pursuing under the spell of emotions/feelings.I've often wondered why some things happen at the most inopportune moments but when i finally encountered it,i knew better than to ask.Your life suddenly comes to a stop and your body becomes immobile as reality slowly begins to sink in your mind. You realize that dreams are made and in a twinkling of an eye,shattered forever. This helpless situation is really disheartening especially when it comes from the person you had purportedly laid your life,aspirations and dreams of a better tomorrow on. You begin to have an illusion and the next thing you find yourself looking back with nostalgia.

    You want to believe that it is a bad dream but reality dawns on you sooner than you imagined. Love suddenly becomes meaningless and obsolete and you begin to doubt its credibility and existence. You begin to wonder what happened to your lives,your love,the promises and your dreams. With a tinge of nostalgia,you look back to the old sweet days when you sat down and planned your future and without your knowledge you realize that your eyes are clouded with tears. Tears of lost love,lost time and above all, tears marking the beginning of the end. You want to believe that this is one bad dream, that in a moment you will wake up and resume your once peaceful life and when all this is not forthcoming, u become disillusioned,you lose hope and faith in love and above all you lose trust to the only soul you ever loved and cared for. Sometimes late at night you lie awake, wondering what on earth you ever did to deserve this kind of treatment but when u finally set into the world of critical thinking, you realize things have a reason as to why they happen and that nothing happens by chance.You begin to appreciate the fact that you are not the only heartbroken soul.That those who are happy today were once heartbroken and that the future is promising to only those who know how to practice patience and perseverance.

    With time you begin to appreciate the value of life and more so,your role in making it worthwhile. The walk of life is punctuated by many pitfalls,at one time you are the happiest of all and in another moment you are the most miserable wretch on earth. This understanding is a vital weapon in overcoming obstacles in the treacherous and challenging world of love. One must be ready to cope up with the many problems that arise in life especially those presented to us by those people we cherish so much. In the event of a heartbreak which may ensue as a result of deceit and infidelity, it is imperative that we learn to be strong and overcome obstacles that tend to threaten our own existence. For since time immemorial, man has been at conflict with his conscience. The vigor and zeal with which we are able to counter situations either makes or breaks us. Lets keep in mind that a heartbreak is not the end of life no matter how hurting it might be, but a stepping stone towards the path that eventually leads to happiness! After all, don't we learn from our mistakes?