I've always wanted to blog, so here I am writing some blogs. I hope you don't mind them too much, considering they may have some opinions in them that you may not agree with. Feel free to give your point of view, but try not to make it sound like I am an idiot. I know what I am talking about. (For the most part) Enjoy your light reading my dear friends.

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  1. I feel like I'm on a dark, wooded street. I'm under a lonely streetlamp, and beyond the light is nothing but inky blackness. It's cold, but not unbearable. In the darkness are all of the faces of the people I know, but they do not see me, nor can I hear anything more than muffled voices. I feel like the light is a burden upon me, and if I could simply free myself of this primeval fear, then I could rejoin reality and be rid of these doubtful thoughts. But this is the path I've chosen, unaware of how long the night would be, and I cannot move myself to stray. So I suppose I'm just waiting for the day to come, or for the light to go out, before I can walk again among the living.