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  1. i personally get a little miffted when people say " you just need to have confidence!" while it's a great concept sadly there is no switch to flick your confidence on.

    i don't know what the trick is to get people to understand me, its something i still work at everyday. Right now im am trying to re learn grammar and punctuation ( im starting with the basics and working my way back up). i know that in some cases of severe dyslexia this option is probably not realistic but hey what have you got to lose. it's very boring but if it's what you got to do then it's what you got to do.

    As for naysayers...

    i believe that what i have to say is important! I may not always be able to freely and easly express my self but that does not mean that my voice holds any less value then anyone elses. i know this kinda sounds like "confidence" and maybe it is. I think it's having confidence in your own value. as a person, as a free thinker, it's valueing your own opinions and ideas. And why should you value them? because you took the time to create them.

    if you won't let people bash you, then why would you let people bash your writing?

    i believe we can all touch people. ( and not in the creepy way that sounds) i believe that we can each touch other people with our voices and no matter how cliche that sounds i know it's true becuase its happened to me several times. Once i was touched, which is what got into writing in the first place. and on several different occations i have touched other people in my life. and it wasn't even through my stories. it was through MSN. I was in a completely different city then my friend but i managed to convince him to not drop out of school. and 4 years later he's still in school. and you know what? at the time i didn't care that i was spelled stuff wrong or that i had run on sentences. i didn't care that my grammer was probably horrible or that i used "u" instead of "you" or "l8er" instead of "later" because it was easier for me. I got my point across and my friend understood me just fine.

    i guess sometimes it feels like if you speak your voice will be so garbbled by whatever barriers are in the way no one will listen. So we decide why bother to speak at all? The thing is if we never speak theres nothing for anyone to listen to. So if no one is listening anyway then.... why not speak?

    how can people try to understand you if you never give them the chance?
  2. wow now that thats out of the way ( dyslexic gift to writers post). im not really sure what else im gonna write about.

    I already have a journal that i keep my own private observations and speculations. And i joined a nother forum which my friends created so we could keep in touch while we are separated cause of school. and i write alot there to. so what im i gonna talk about here?

    i don't know. i guess when the mood hits me i suppose.


  3. Hey!

    ok as my first entry i wanted to write something that is very significant to me. It has effected me greatly through out my life and will for all my days to come.

    I am Dyslexic. For those of you who don't know there are varying degrees of dylexia. i for one am able to read and write although it took me longer to get to this point then the average person.

    I know it's weird that i want to become a writer since writing is one of my weaker skills. But i truely believe that it is the only thing that will make me happy.

    Over the years i have come to view my disability as both a gift and a curse. It a curse for obvious reasons( i don't think i have to really explain why). By my Dyslexia is a gift because i believe it enhanses my ability to think out side the box. You've probably heard that when one sense is impaired the others become more sensitive. I think it's kinda like that when it comes to my Dyslexia.

    Not that im some great undiscovered genius or anything. lol

    anyway i guess i mainly wrote this blog because i wanted to see if there was anyone else out there who is like me. I have met other people with disabilties but never ones who also wanted to be a writer.