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  1. 2019 can either be the year of yes or the year of absolutely NO
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  2. to be honest, I feel like you have until the age of 25 to reach your prime of the most glorious dreams you cn have. now I am not saying it is completely impossible to achieve such greatness after the fact, but none the less much harder to reach said goal. once you hit 25 you really start to just settle for such things as of life partner and job and hobbies.
  3. I am so angry right now at no one specifically because I cant spell particularly. I don't want to be in Forbes top 100 or any ones bottom 600,000. I just want to get my mind out there and have some sort of appreciation to some sorts or another. don't ask me who when or where because I don't know where I was when I was with whom~!!
  4. I want to tell you all a story. a true story. This happened to me a couple of years ago. I worked for a ride sharing company. one that you download the app and you get your own personal driver to take you from point A to B. I did it to keep myself from spending money. it was a lot of fun, met a lot of fun people and had a blast. due to crazy people being crazy I had to stop. it was just getting a little to dangerous for riders and drivers. One of my rides gave me great notch in my belt of life. It was about 2am one Friday night when I got the notification on my phone for a pick up. it was down town and I was about three blocks away. sweet. so I go and grab the two ladies and one guy from a big bar scene to give them a ride to the eastern side of town. the were all a bit drunk but it great spirits. I told them the ride would be about 20 to 25 mins due to night time construction. they did not care as they had brought some airplane bottles in the car with them. unspoken rule, passengers can drink a little in the car, still very illegal, but helps get tips. any how the girl and guy who had taken the back seat clearly had a thing for each other. and they were a tease to the four of us. so has we hit our first section of traffic, the conversation got switched to, who was still wearing clothes in the back seat. I had thought this was an inside joke between my three riders but as I looked back in my rear view mirror I saw a bit more skin from the couple. I was slightly impressed as we had only been in the car a couple of miles. they wasted absolutely no time to get down to business. honestly I didn't mind. got to live a little right?

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  5. Where will I go from here? Life 15 years ago seemed complicated yet very simple compared to now. Things were different in the world of someone who had friends by the tens and a truck with a license.
    At what point did we stop dreaming of bigger things and start to settle in our day by day routine? Every day used to present new opportunities and new challenges. We had 24 hours of the day and we didn’t need sleep and we didn’t need to plan our whole week or month out. We had a drive, we had ambition, we wanted to go full speed ahead with out a care in the world. Our dreams we had then or back to being wishes we have now.

    When did we all stop having fun and start having to survive?
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