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  1. ok so if you have not figured it out yet, I am a drinking blogger. yeah so like adrunk rant going on her. no its not very grammer polite but my main reasoi nhere is to get ideas and thoughts off of my chest and why not rock out ith my sock on?!?

    ok lol in all realness. I am in fact drunk but I have turn auto spelling on.
    wait what?
  2. Let me start by explaining that this topic started with a group of friends late night at the bar having this conversation. What is the difference between the two? Now I am obviously not asking for text book definition. Instead I am curious to know what the general public think?!?

    I will give my answer and reasonings after a few comments!!
  3. I would like to take this time and apologize in advance for the drunkish rambling you are about to read!

    What In The Absolute Hell Have I Been Doing!?!
    What do I need to do?
    What can I do to make everyone happy?
    When can I been self-centered and work on my own damn problems
    When will I get my big chance?
    When will the whiskey stop going down like water?

    yeah I know, I sound like a cry baby right now. its cool. I just need to feel like I let off steam. work has been slammed with the "hurry up and wait" scheme going on. just nothing is really turning the way it should. and you know what really gets to me? the fact that you can do everything right and it still does not help with shit!!!! it means nothing!!! why are we all trying to save and have our lives set??? and by lives I mean when we are 65 years old!!!! I want to have fun now! I want to dream now!! I have watched my life go from glam to bland in over the last year. im not dumb, I know what happened. but shit bucket!!!!! I tried planning ahead has much as possible, and I truly thought I was going to be the one to do it.... turns out, aint nothing but chump!!

    its been real, but im signing off here. im done dream chasing, im done believing ill have a chance. im done being anything other than a 40 hour MF!!!!!!

    peace and love, to anyone else.
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  4. Recently I have been trying to cut out some bad habits of mine. id say so far 80% going well. the hardest for me is smoke and drink. they just go together for me. I don't know why.

    anyways, what's your vice?
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  5. There is so much going on in life right now that I have no idea what I need to do and in what order! Work is going great, got a promotion and a company take home vehicle, that helps a lot with the personal budget. Other than that, I haven’t felt like anything has really changed at work. I still enjoy my job and it pays well. I bartend on some weekends to bring in that small extra cash that used to go towards my hobbies. That brings me to the next thing, all my hobbies have either gotten way to expensive to continue doing or have come to a halt that I have not been able to get past in well over 3 months, I just keep starting new projects in hopes that it will provide answers for the others. An endless, helpless cycle. Days go in, nights come out. I also have been trying to reach out to others for help and advice and collaborations on other projects. But no one has the time or the money anymore. I feel like I am 4-5 years behind where I should have been.
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