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  1. at what point do you let go of hopes and dreams?? I have recently felt like I need to let go and let be, or god, idk yet. lol

    so super shocker, im drunk again, I don't care.

    any how, I am slowly learning at my late age of 28 to let go of things such as shirts, hoodies and ideas. I know some may really understand where it is im coming from and the rest of you may have no idea what im whisk eying about lol.
  2. Is that even how you spell perception? To be completely honest I have not idea but I am going to just roll with it. some of you may have already guessed. I've been drinking again, surprise!! but to be honest you all are the ones who get the benefits of it right? or instead I am just the butt end of a really dumb joke that I have not clue of.
    Any ways, to my point of these here blog, understanding perception. I just realized right now the amount of grammatical errors I have made, but don't care to fix! any ways, let me tell you a truth, 100% I got accepted to 15 of the 16 colleges I applied too. the only one I did not get into was MIT. now saying that most people who may not know me well may think I am a smart person, did great in school, A and B plus person. wrong!!! I got into very low grade state and tech schools.
    let me give you another one, I drive 5 cars, AHHHH I must be very well off financially correct? no, not correct. one doesn't run, one does, one is my brothers, and 2 are company vehicles because I work two jobs each with a vehicle for field work.

    lol I had be thinking of this big huge blog post that would get some views and I totally forgot where the h e l l l h l I was going with it lol
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  3. I've got a few things that I am working on. id like help with picking which one to spend my time on because splitting the time evenly is not really helping me much.

    1 A car crew who helps solve crime? basically they are everything most gangs are but they do assist the cops here and there to take down other gangs.

    2 A young couple making millions, but not "technically" illegally.

    3 An amateur photographer who may have taken photos of a crime, but did not know it, but also was involved.
  4. As to my last entry, I do enjoy a few drinks before setting down on the deck or in the office to write down whatever may be on my mind at the time. I have been pondering about doing a weekly blog series. My idea is simple, I will pick a new bar every week and a new drink every week and review them both in my mixture of whatever form of writing I do that night. Kind of a loose Idea.
  5. ok so if you have not figured it out yet, I am a drinking blogger. yeah so like adrunk rant going on her. no its not very grammer polite but my main reasoi nhere is to get ideas and thoughts off of my chest and why not rock out ith my sock on?!?

    ok lol in all realness. I am in fact drunk but I have turn auto spelling on.
    wait what?