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  1. Been down lately since winter started. So glad its August now. Winter will be over in 30 days and it will warm up a bit.
    What does everyone else do when they get cold in winter? Do they stop writing?
  2. 'Thanks but this isnt for us' by Jessica Page Morrell. Anything by her is really good. I borrowed mine from the library, then bought my own copy. She a editor / manuscript assessor in America. She runs classes as well.

    The first 5 pages by Noah Lukeman. I think he's an editor as well.

    Writers digest is a good site.

    Australian society of authors

    Nsw writers centre.

    Do internet searches and search local papers for writing groups. Or start your own :)
  3. Hi everyone.
    i already have a blog on Wordpress at
    Feel free to have a look if you like.

    I look forward to reading some members stories :)