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  1. You revise, again and again, taking the suggestions of your critics and trying to apply them. People look at your work and pass by without so much as a comment. You get maybe 10 or so opinions, with a 60/40 ratio of negative to positive opinions. No matter how hard you work to improve, taking every suggestion into consideration, nothing changes. Despite what praise you do get being overwhelmingly positive, the number of negative is still higher, and you see all these stories on webook with so many comments that are overwhelmingly positive.

    At what point do you give up on your work and yourself? At what point, despite how much you enjoy your work and think it's good, do you come to the conclusion you may not be any good at writing and your work may not be that good? If you do come to that conclusion, do you continue anyway, or is the knowledge of your failings too much to proceed through? At what point, after reaching your twenties and feeling however much you've improived you're still in the same boat as you were in 13 and 14, do you stop?
  2. These are the films I'm most psyched for that are yet to come out or even be advertised in some cases since they're still in production. From least to greatest:

    5.Avatar-James Cameron is one of my personal favorites. THe vast majority of his films are quite good, and this is a project he's been waiting to make since the 80', so it'll be interesting to see.

    4.Hellraiser-The original film was great but certianly had it's flaws. With CLive Barker on board though, I have much less doubt, which is something considering I usually loathe remakes of classics.

    3.Battle Angle-Another Cameron film, I'm looking more forward to this one because it's based off a sweet manga/anime series

    2.Neon Genesis Evangelion-A live action American adaptation of one of the greatest animes of all time? THere is no telling how this is going to go, but you can bet I'll be first in line for it.

    1.Watchmen-Undoubtedly the greatest graphic novel of all time, the awesome trailer combined with SNyder's record for loyalty for the source almost guarentees an epic. If filmed properly, it will blow away "The Dark Knight" in terms of quality as the best super hero film ever made.