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  1. Oh looks like someone has started a thread over there. What's it about ? Oh of course. The family scapegoat. Family member X. We all have a grievance against Family Member X. What a great way of creating solidarity for the rest of us, and making sure we aren't the family pariah. . Distancing ourselves from such childish behaviour. That makes me feel so mature.
    Oh look here. Someone is sharing photos of their holiday to Bali. Getting lots of likes. That's one sure fire way to make sure the rest of us are envious and wish we were making the most of our life instead of taking boring little local vacations.
    Oh Family Member X is sharing why he looks so thin and much younger than his years. This guy really knows how to rub it in. He's discovered "THE diet". We all simply must listen and emulate, otherwise we are doomed to superficial fatness for ever.
    Family Member L is now telling us how her child graduated from High School valedictorian, is destined to become an astro physicist. Not that she wants us to ooh and ahh over her brilliant child's optimistic future. Or take any credit for his dynamic DNA.
    You ponder whether you should share how you have learnt the chords to Happy Birthday on guitar. But change your mind when you realise they might ask you to sing it.
  2. The AA meetings Ive been too are more often than not full of the spirit. People make themselves vulnerable. There's lots of empathy and sharing and well...love.
    There is something about being at rock bottom that reminds us of how important humility is. So we make our comeback and regain our confidence. And we tend to lose our humility in the process. No longer at rock bottom, we get our pride back and arrogance gradually creeps back in.
    That's why I like AA stories. People remind us of where they were. How low they got. How desperate they were.
    We never are more beautiful than when we hit rock bottom and cry out for help. Better not get addicted to the moment I hear you say. And I agree. But it is important to remember that at our lowest ebb, there was the most room for amazing grace. How sweet the sound.
    Church is of course important and vital really. it reminds us that God is front and center, Number 1 in our life.
    Just wish the fellowship was there sometimes. AA reminds us that we are all equal in God's eyes. The only winners are the ones who admit they are losers and surrender. Surrender their self-sufficiency and arrogance. Ive noticed humility at Church but it is more obvious at AA meetings.
  3. This will not be a theology lesson. But I rate the interpretation of the phrase very important. Much of my childhood and early adult life I took this phrase to mean "be meek, be passive, God will sort everything out."
    And to some extent it actually worked. Well I mean I was hardly every bullied for instance . But looking back I was hardly ever taken seriously either. It became known that I was not a main player, more a spectator or anonymous extra in a movie. Playing lead roles was too exhausting anyway. You had to focus too hard and learn long lines. I preferred the outsider's occasional witty interjection, only most people didn't think I was very witty.
    I listened to Jordan Peterson recently. He said there is actually a lot of conjecture over the meaning of "turn the other cheek". Looks like we were totally misled, misinformed. Peterson said something to the effect that we need to adopt a zen like "be ready for battle, but rarely draw our sword". (sorry he might have said something slightly different, just that is what I remember).
    Whatever it means, it doesn't mean "passive".
    Knowing what this phrase really means can surely help Christians and society in general, make good decisions, when tension arises between us.
    I think good advice is not reacting to aggression with aggression . Stick to mature decent language even if its tempting to say "**** you!" Now that is hypocritical for me to say that I admit.
  4. I am the master of my toothbrush
    and the standby vice vice captain of my soul
    if you can keep your head while others are losing it
    you probably need to escape ISIS asap
    because you're next
    I wandered lonely as a nimbo cumulus...……

    [cant seem to get this poem to gel..any ideas? ]
  5. What are the most important leadership qualities in your opinion?
    This topic occurred to me at work yesterday. My boss is good at her job. Under pressure, she makes good decisions. I thought to myself, "that must be the single most important trait of a leader. Making good decisions under pressure.
    Being calm and non-reactive. Qualities which I lacked when I was thrust into leadership roles. Anxious people aren't really suited to leadership, I fear. And especially if they have any of the people pleasing gene. You have to embrace loneliness when you are leader. Try to please everyone, and you'll end up pleasing no one.
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