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  1. JP: Man you need to take responsibility I tell ya.
    JC: I took responsibility for everyone's sins. How's that? And don't call me man. Im Godman for Godsake!
    JP: Yeah OK but you gotta have goals Godman. You gotta always aim high.
    JC: I aim to please Dad mainly.
    JP: OK I see ya got a Father complex there Godman. I suggest some therapy for that. Try to be your own man. Try to please yourself.
    JC: Well in a way I do.
    JP: Life is suffering. Did you know that?
    JC: I sure do. Didn't you read about Calvary and all that?
    JP: You just think you got it worse than everybody else. The typical victim narrative. There's people suffered more than you ya know.
    JC: Hey life isn't a suffering contest ya know. I was just trying to show the way. Showing how life should be a sacrifice. A sacrifice of love.
    JP: Hey Im not stupid Godman. I did teach at Harvard by the way. I've written extensively on sacrifice and suffering.
    JC. Hey Jordan. Can I call you Jordan? I like your youtube lectures and in a way you are helping my cause. But what I really want to ask is for 100% from you, not 50%.
    JP: I take offence to that. Ive been working my butt off.
    JC: No I want you to go public on this. I want you. 100% of you. I want you to spread the word directly. Tell em you've come over to the light. I don't care if its Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant. Just come out of the closet. Can you do that for me?
    JP: But but...Im not finished yet. My ego would never agree. The money and lifestyle are too good. You are asking way too much. Ask someone else.. Im just a Jungian psychologist. Not a preacher.
    JC: Don't be a hypocrite. This is your chance to BE the ultimate sacrifice. Don't sit on the fence anymore and hide behind academia.
    JP: Go and annoy somebody else. Im done.
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  2. There is a new pub in our city, right next to a new sports stadium. Both are huge and popular. ive been there. its a nice vibe when its quiet. However one of the pub managers complained in the local newspaper recently. In so many words he said that "young people just don't wanna work these days".
    He prefers to hire visiting European backpackers because apparently they have a better work ethic. "local kids just quit on me or sometimes just don't even call in to say they aren't coming in." That I can sympathise with a little. Must be tough dealing with employees who don't even show up. But then he mentioned the 12 hour shifts. "Young people don't want to work fast non stop for 12 hours. they want everything on their terms."
    I thought to myself, there is no way I want to work fast non stop for 12 hours doing anything. Even when I was young. That is unreasonable. I need breaks. And if I had to do a hard intense job, I would need at least a 1 hour break in the middle of a 12 hour shift. And some other short breaks in between. Problem is when the almighty dollar is paramount, working conditions can suffer for employees. Employers will take the easiest route. if one group of employees don't mind being treated badly, then the conditions will stay bad. Backpackers will only stay a short time so they know they only have to put up with it briefly.
    I sound like a trade union official don't I. :) But of course capitalism is the best system on offer. Overall Im happy to live in a capitalist country. But I can see where employers need to be kept in check. They will try to get away with whatever is on offer. If I were a boss, I might do the same. Save money by hiring new immigrants for instance. Well of course that makes business sense. Im not a charity organiser. Balance is required though. that's why we need left and right politics. One to support the employer, one to support the rights of the worker.
  3. Then the snake said to the woman, 'No! You will not die! Your eyes
    will be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good from evil.'
    woman saw that the tree was good to eat and pleasing to the eye, and that it was enticing for the wisdom that it could give. So she took some of its fruit and ate it. She also gave some to her husband who was with her, and he ate it.
    7 Then the eyes of both of them were opened and they realised that they were naked. So they sewed fig-leaves together to make themselves loin-cloths.

    My question is what is this tree exactly? the tree of knowledge, knowing good from evil. Why doesn't God want Adam and Eve to eat from it?
    And what is wrong with noticing you are naked?
  4. Yeah I thought a pretty predictable topic too. Seems though that honesty and avoidance of deceit is not as simple as it sounds. And most of us can be under the illusion that "we are quite honest, and hardly ever tell lies."
    The key is transparency to self. Avoid self-deceit. We rationalise our behaviour because as JP says our 'rational" side is proud and arrogant and way overrates itself.
    I might think I am being kind to someone by agreeing with everything they say. But if I don't politely object to parts that bother me, I am possibly manipulating them so they will think well of me. Likewise if I am argumentative and automatically disagree with everything they say, I am not honestly keeping myself in check. I have stopped questioning the validity of my own thoughts and concepts.
    JP seems to emphasise the value of doubt. that is how I understand him anyway. That it is more important to work towards new understanding than to stubbornly stick to what you already know.
    We have to transcend fear. Don't be afraid to complain to anyone. Just learn how to complain. How to communicate. We might risk losing our job for instance but the process of taking that risk, transforms us into stronger human beings. The courage we gain is more important than the job itself. Avoidance of speaking our truth is the way we betray ourselves. So don't avoid conflict but don't go looking for it either. Jp might be one who suggests fighting is more valuable than "peace". Certainly "peace at all costs" can amount to self-betrayal. My parents were salt of the earth good people. But sometimes they caved in to bullying and harassment from their kids and others as well. In a passive and meek way. I would have liked to see them stand up for their own truth. Now I am hardly qualified to critique anyone especially my dear parents. I only do this to clarify my own values. And like JP I think I need to confront more than remain passive passenger.
    I think following JP's advice will often make us unpopular and might set us up for constant conflict with others. But if I think of people I look up to and admire (JP being one of them), it is the ones who weren't afraid to speak their own truth, no matter the consequences. Bonhoffer, Gandhi, Solzenitzen, . because most of us play politics and compromise for fear of leaving our comfort zone or risking our current security.
  5. I put the pump gun back in and went to pay.
    Number 2 pump. Dont forget the number.
    Open the door and squeeze in behind the longest queue Ive ever seen. We are packed in like a can of herring.
    Seems to be some issue holding us all up. A motorbike rider with his helmet still on is at the pay counter. I marvel at the old guy working behind the counter. Hes punching in magical figures. Its all very mysterious but hes not panicked. A furrowed brow perhaps but he has obvuously been in this situation before. Im trying to guess the problem. Fake cedit card? Wrong input? Computer freeze?
    After the longest 5 minutes ive experienced in years he apologizes to the motor bike rider. Then apologizes to each one of us as we come up to pay.
    That old guy sure knows how to handle pressure!