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  1. I can't really post the story yet, but rest assure that I'll do my best with it in it's upcoming parts. Also if you're picky about grammar, don't mind reading it. I think it's decent at the least, but I'm not an editor, and I don't have one either or have the time to go back and edit it all myself. You're talking about probably 20-30 pages worth. lol


    "What are you? Some sick murderer?" I asked the man, pointing my sword at him.

    The man had black eye shadow, and huge white canines almost digging into his gums. He had silver hair to compliment his nearly black eyes. He was also wearing a leather black coat, hiding his pale body, and a pair of old drenched sandals.

    "Maybe. Who're you?" The guy responded, taking a step forward.

    "That's none of your concern..." I said, as water droplets started falling from the sky.

    He cracked his neck, then rolled back his shoulders, almost as if he was getting ready for a fight. His sword began to glow an awkward red color as he proceeded to point it at me.

    "Got a name?"
  2. So far so good, this site seems perfect for me. Might build a reputation, but... you know how hard that is, heh. When I can I'll lay out my pieces here, since I write for fun. Not really looking forward to being an author or anything.