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  1. I've never had a blog, nor have I ever cared to. I've probably been afraid of what may become an addiction, should I indulge in "blogging". I am posting this as a curious experiment; like not wanting to swim, but checking the temperature of the water anyway.

    I will write here very freely, as I would speak, trying to abstain from the severe editor inside me. I don't mean that I'll be divulging top-secret information about my life, but I will try to maintain a dialogue that flows conversationally.

    I am a shiny, brand-new member of the forums, and of writing. I am focusing on short story writing until novel ideas begin to bubble to the surface of my mind. I am reading short stories every chance I get, from many genres and many authors. Also, I've started critiquing the short stories of other members, which I’ll try to do at least a couple a day.

    I think I’ll also participate in the short story and poetry competition each week.