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  1. What a year that has been. I can't shake the feeling, the next will be even worst. There has never been so much uncertainty, sadness, anger in the air. Lately there is also a collective feeling of: I don't give a damn, what happens happens, let the world crumble. I am aware that the dogma of shock is supposed to make you accept things, but people here are quiet like the winter sea. No waves, but underneath the water is boiling. One should always allow a glimpse of hope for the people, something that those bloody accountants and awful politicians seem to forget.
  2. Spring has arrived. The flowers are filled with blossoms, there are nice perfumes in the air, and the sea breeze hits your nose with salt and makes you dream of summer. Windows are always open, letting the air and the noise of the people outside fill the place. The curtains move gently as you feel connected with the world, sitting in your home, writing this.
  3. Although I’ve been a member here since April, this week has been the first I really got to spend some time in this forum. This led to giving me motivation to write again more than I’ve written in a long time. I’ve learned a lot of new words, I kept practicing my English, I picked up a lot of tips, and I’ve been getting so many ideas for stories. The word games are very helpful, not to mention fun. And people seem to have great advice on writing, backed by actual arguments.

    To sum it all up, I'm thrilled to be here.
    Have a nice weekend everyone.
  4. Today is basically the first day of the newly elected goverment, which generally makes it a hopeful day for all of us.
    The thing is, at times like that words are so missused they lose their meaning. If you are someone who loves reading and writing, abused words are heartbreaking.
    I'd protest but who cares. Makes you wonder what's the point.
    Culture of politics, the citizen first, the public interst above all, social agreement, struggle, merit system etc. And what the hell does "horizontal politics" mean? It almost sounds obsene.
  5. So, we can post absolutely anything here? I've attempted some blog-writing in the past, but it ended after a couple of messages.

    Ok, here is my first message.
    I got an e-mail from a friend about an incident that happened to a young woman in my hometown. It sounds like an urban legend to me, but there is the actual police report of what happened.
    It involves a car, an old lady, no old lady, a bag, a cleaver, some traffic lights and some serious guts.
    Now, given the fact that it's a true story, can I just fill in the gaps and turn it into a short story of my own, or do I have to forever apologize for all the borrowing?
    I am after all part of the tradition of many writers producing their own version of the same old story.
    What do you think?