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  1. You woke up one day,
    and forgot.
    I hope you go to sleep,
    and remember.
    I wish for you to remember,
    what it was,
    you had forgotten.
    I try and forget,
    the times you've forgotten.
    And focus on remembering,
    everything you wish you had remembered.
    I don't want to remember,
    the times you've forgotten.
    But I want to remind you,
    that it's okay to forget,
    how to remember,
    how to forget.
    I think of the times you've tried to remember,
    but almost forgot how,
    and then remembered again.
    I want to remember,
    that day you forgot,
    the day I remembered,
    that time you forgot.
    But I can't seem to remember,
    what I forgot,
    and what you remembered.
    I would say something more meaningful,
    but it seems that I have forgotten,
    how to remember,
    what it was,
    that I had forgotten.
  2. I reflect,
    Off of you.
    Off of what you want to be.
    You change yourself,
    To make the reflection look more admirable.
    To make yourself feel better.
    But something you'll never be able to change,
    Something I hope you won't forget,
    Is the real reflection.
    The reflection that cannot be shown through a mirror.
    Something that cannot stare you back in the eyes.
  3. The apology.
    I can’t remember,
    The first word I ever said.
    I can’t remember,
    Where I took my first step.
    I can’t remember,
    My first cut or how I got it.
    I can’t remember,
    What went wrong.
    I can remember,
    Staying up late and talking on the phone.
    I can remember,
    The first thing you ever said to me.
    I can remember,
    The first place we ever went together.
    I can remember,
    Our heartbreaks, and how we healed them.
    I can remember,
    Why we were in love.

    - Basically, this poem is for those who have experienced love in it's true form, from the innocent beginning to the tear-filled end. I made this from my own experience, and my experience only.